Hutt River Province

The Hutt River Province bills itself as the second-largest country on the Australian continent. The 7487ha principality is about the same size as Hong Kong and was formed when farmer Leonard Casley seceded from Australia in 1970 after the Western Australian government imposed quotas on wheat production in 1969. Although Queen Elizabeth II has accepted sovereignty, there are Hutt River Province diplomatic representatives in over 30 countries and Hutt River Province passports have been used to travel throughout the world, the principality has never been recognised by Australia as an independent state.

A visit to the Hutt River Province is a unique experience. You are often greeted by Prince Leonard, you get a stamp in your passport and the opportunity to buy Hutt River Province stamps (using Hutt River Province currency) and you can even get Hutt River Province citizenship, which comes with a Hutt River passport.

Entry requirements

Visitors to the Hutt River Province don’t need a visa but you can get your passport stamped at the border (for $2).


The closest hostel to the Hutt River Province is in Kalbarri, but you can camp for $5 per person per night.

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