South West National Park

Tasmania’s largest national park is in the midst of a World Heritage Area.

It’s a very difficult national park to visit if you want to attempt the more difficult hiking trails. Often the only way in is by light plane and many hikers arrange for their food supplies to be airdropped in. The park’s isolation makes it a reasonably expensive place to visit.

There are several short walks in South West National Park that are relatively accessible. These shorter walks include the highly recommended Creepy Crawly Nature Trail (2.5km, 20 mins).

More challenging day walks include the Eliza Plateau walk (5–6 hours) and the Lake Judd walk (8 hours). These two walks should only be attempted by experienced hikers.

Overnight walks in the South West National Park include the Mount Anne Circuit, Port Davey Track, South Coast Track and the Western Arthurs Traverse.

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