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Adelaide’s city centre is completely surrounded by parkland including the beautiful Botanic Gardens at the north east of the city. The gardens make a great picnic spot and also features the Palm House, a huge conservatory that recreates a tropical rainforest.

Our address

North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
Bus 281, 281K, 500, 501, 502, 503, 506, 556, 557, C1, C1G, C1T, C2, G40, G40M, M44, M44T, N502
Telephone (08) 8222 9311
Admission free
    Open Jan 7.15am–7pm daily; Feb–Mar 7.15am–6.30pm daily; Apr 7.15am–6pm daily; May 7.15am–5.30pm daily; Jun–Jul 7.15am–5pm daily; Aug 7.15am–5pm daily; Sep 7.15am–6pm daily; Oct–Nov 7.15am–6.30pm daily; Dec 7.15am–7pm daily

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  • Joanna, 06 May 2019

    Don’t miss the water lilies!!

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  • Christoph, 30 Apr 2018

    Kostenlos. Kein Eintritt.

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  • Bee, 11 Jan 2018

    Very well made Botanic Garden

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  • Joao, 20 Aug 2017

    Don't miss the Palm House and the Tropical forest within!

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  • J., 21 Feb 2017

    Great place for a walk

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  • Seiji, 16 Jan 2017

    Very well maintained and clean. Brings calmness to your mind.

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  • JH, 03 Oct 2016

    Huge grounds, take your time to see a little or a lot

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  • Sam, 23 Jan 2016

    Beautiful park, good place to lose a few hours

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  • Kate, 03 Jan 2016

    Nice place to spend weekend with family!

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  • Glenn, 11 Oct 2015

    Love shooting weddings at this place, any time of the year.

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  • Jack, 06 Aug 2015

    Great gardens and fresh air, nice place to have family picnics

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  • JK, 27 Feb 2015

    4 hours parking here with active parking inspector patrolling. Be careful

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  • Quentin, 23 Nov 2014

    The green lung of Adelaide. Peaceful atmosphere.

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  • Karen, 25 Oct 2014

    Amazing environment and a great heirloom gardening shop. Temperature drops a good 5 degrees Celsius from all the lushness

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  • Lisa, 29 Apr 2014

    Lovely just sitting listening and watching the birds

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  • Ina, 23 Nov 2013

    One of my favourite places in town! Get a tour with Susan Howard and buy seeds from the Digger's Club afterwards, or just have a good read in the sun.

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  • Jacqui, 10 Mar 2012

    Come early to get shady spots :0)

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  • Nigel, 03 Nov 2011

    Don't believe the sign with closing times for the Botanic Rd gate. They close when the guy on duty wants to go home!

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  • James, 30 Sep 2011

    If you come here add photos. This place is great for them.

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  • Deepak, 29 Dec 2010

    This is one of my favourite places in Adelaide.

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  • Rebecca, 30 Aug 2010

    the gardens are lovely, and the restaurant great. we got married here, and had our reception in the restaurant. service was great, food was AMAZING (and I'm fussy!), and it looked just gorgeous all d

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  • Rezza, 30 May 2010

    Autumn is the time to gather crunchy dried up leaves and throw them in the air. Indulge your inner child, you know you want to! =)

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  • David, 11 Feb 2010

    children love to play in the water feature in the mediterranean garden. Let the fish nibble your hand in the Lilly Ponds

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