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Brisbane is well connected by air and it is increasingly affordable to fly here.
Brisbane Airport is about 16km northwest of the city centre and is comprised of two terminals – domestic and international – located 2km apart.

The easiest way to the airport is by the Air Train. The Air Train runs to the city centre four times an hour and to the Gold Coast twice an hour. The trip between the airport and the city centre takes 22 minutes and costs $16.50. Many hostels sell discounted tickets for the Air Train.

Alternatively, Con-X-ion Airport Transfers run mini buses into central Brisbane that cost $15–20 each way.

Our address

11 The Circuit Brisbane Airport QLD 4008 Australia
Trains Domestic Airport, International Terminal
Telephone (07) 3406 3000

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  • Varn, 24 Jul 2023

    Here we go another 3 hours

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  • David, 23 Apr 2022

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  • Andrew, 26 Feb 2021

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  • Island Bruin, 06 Dec 2019

    Showers available in the men’s room. Really helpful after a long flight

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  • Ciaran, 10 May 2019

    Pedal to charge your phone. Pity they’ve not got an international socket.

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  • Ben, 21 Jan 2019

    Well designed Qantas lounge with a business class traveler lounge in the back. Small bites and a chef preparing small dishes live for you. Well stuffed bar, nice design, spacious.

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  • Vishal, 27 Oct 2018

    Calming environment. Number of shops and food places are just right

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  • Ben, 11 Aug 2018

    Welcome to Brisbane!

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  • Dudi, 13 May 2018

    Typical advanced designed airport. Despite the size, it’s still comfortable for strolling around.

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  • tbxl, 24 Apr 2018

    One of your TRS staff on the Ground floor is a waste of taxpayers money. An old bald man with glasses, aggressively RACIST and ignorant. He says “tourists calculated the receipts by using 5 fingers”.

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  • Lee Myung-ji, 16 Oct 2017

    칼라운지 샤워가능. 소모품 지원

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  • Samuel, 21 Sep 2017

    I love Brisbane airport

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  • Joe, 04 Sep 2017

    Free with limited wifi.

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  • Andrew 翁, 20 Apr 2017

    Welcome to Brisbane.....

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  • Marisa, 23 Jan 2017

    This is the most organised and fuss free airport in the country. Well designed.

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  • Security, 08 Nov 2016

    It's still queue free 👍🏼

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  • Ashley, 02 Oct 2016

    Very upset that there's no longer a doughnut time in the airport.

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  • Naaman, 15 Jun 2016

    Free Transfer Bus - park at DFO to catch the free transfer bus to the Domestic Terminal. The QANTAS retail are has some great shops and coffee without the Westfield crowds..

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  • Jason, 07 Jun 2016

    Lovely staff at the qantas terminal

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  • Pet, 25 Oct 2015

    If you happen to be departing from gates 43-48 you can charge your devices from the many power desks in the public lounge there.

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  • Christine, 30 Sep 2015

    Nice little Vietnamese pho place called Rolld tucked away in the corner.

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  • megan, 27 Sep 2015

    I am always delayed at this airport! Bring secondary entertainment like a book and don't expect to get home on time

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  • megan, 27 Sep 2015

    If you need to charge your phone / laptop all the points are in the waiting area near gates 43-51. (Both standard and USB outlets are available)

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  • Jim, 13 Aug 2015

    Clean airport however food court does not contain many options. Eat before you arrive.

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  • Security, 07 May 2015

    10am. No queues, almost as fast as #CBR!

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  • Max, 16 Apr 2015

    For a quick refreshment in the international terminal there are free showers! Buy yourself a gocard for easy transport to and around the city.

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  • Andy, 02 Apr 2015

    If you have a US bank account and need US Dollars for your visa entry to Bali, use a Travelex ATM to withdraw US bills - No Fees! The Travelex manned booths will hit you with $12 plus a ~4% fee.

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  • Steve, 07 Mar 2015

    Like Melbourne Airport, but in Brisbane!

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  • Katie, 04 Mar 2015

    Easy to use but terrible food options.

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  • Fahd, 22 Feb 2015

    ذكريات أسترالية هنا 😍

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