Broken Hill Airport (BHQ)

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Broken Hill’s airport handles flights from Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney but there is no public transport from the airport so you’ll have to take a taxi in town.

Our address

Airport Road, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Telephone (08) 8080 2222
    Open Mon–Fri 6am–9pm, Sat 6am–4pm, Sun 11am–9pm

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  • Marina, 22 Feb 2019

    The kiosk only accepts cash, be prepared! 😊 And the coffee is better than I expected! 😉👍

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  • Romeo, 30 Mar 2012

    They open at 6am...

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  • Stephen, 20 Sep 2010

    The kiosk does the best chicken sandwiches with lettuce and mayo on grain bread! Yummmm!!

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