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Bundaberg Rum is Australia’s biggest-selling spirit and Bundaberg’s main attraction is the distillery where it is made. Distillery tours include a taste of Bundaberg’s biggest export.

Our address

Avenue Street, East Bundaberg
Telephone (07) 4131 2999
Website www.bundabergrum.com.au
Tours cost $13.50
    Open Mon–Fri 10am–3pm, Sat–Sun 10am–2pm, tours depart on the hour

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    There are 11 comments from Foursquare

  • Chelsea, 12 Oct 2019

    Cool info. Tour guides are funny. Bring money

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  • Posey, 08 Apr 2017

    Waiting for tour now to make my own rum.

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  • Joris, 18 Jan 2016

    Disappointing distillery experience. The better part of it is spent listening to uninterested tour guides explaning each rum in the product range and how to mix them with coke and ginger beer.

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  • Martin, 20 Sep 2015

    Don't do the tour by your self. A guided tour including a tasting is offered every 30 minutes on the hour and on the half hour. Hazar!

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  • Jas, 26 Aug 2014

    Can't beat West Indian rums! I was disappointed, it tastes like molasses. No wonder they have to mix it with Coke or ginger ale. However the tour was interesting.

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  • Queensland, 30 Jan 2014

    Make sure you pick up a bottle of the Royal Liqueur! You can only buy it from the distillery. So yummy.

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  • Pleun, 27 Oct 2013

    A must do for every fan of rum or distilleries in general, I've seen my share of distilleries in Europe and I have to say this one beats almost all of them on tour guides, tidiness and tastings!

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  • Jamie, 24 May 2012

    Make sure u pick up a bottle of liqueur from here, u can't buy it anywhere else and it's awesome!

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  • Alan, 23 Jun 2011

    Gotta go on the distillery experience...well worth spending the dosh on!!!

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  • Anastasia, 27 Dec 2010

    the tour was pretty good, quite informative. i just wish they would serve food at the testing... got pretty tipsy on an empty stomach :D

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  • Julie, 31 Jul 2010

    Take a tour of the distillery and finish the tour with a rum tasting, especially the rum liquer which can only be purchased from the Bondstore

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