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There are several supermarkets in Melbourne’s city centre including a Coles supermarket on Spencer Street at the northern end of Southern Cross Station.

Our address

201 Spencer Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Trams 75, 86, 95 (stop: Lonsdale Street/Spencer Street)
Telephone (03) 9600 2899
Open 6am–midnight daily

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There are 16 comments from Foursquare

  • Jason, 04 Oct 2018

    Not so bad, it’s very busy but it had all of the food choices I wanted and was cheap

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  • Bryan, 22 May 2018

    Its okay coukd be better awakard store to navigate fresh produce not that fresh

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  • Josh, 27 Apr 2018

    Big store and well laid out

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  • Ahmad, 10 Feb 2018

    Prices are good, huge varieties, basically they got all what you need.

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  • Yarn, 25 Oct 2016

    Much bigger and better stocked than the Woolworths Metro down the street in Southern Cross station.

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  • AManda, 01 Mar 2016

    Such a lovely cashier. Not too bad of a place to buy groceries. Cheaper in my opinion and lots of sales !

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  • Von der Liebl, 27 Aug 2013

    Melhor supermercado da cidade!

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  • jen, 28 Oct 2012

    Way too much emphasis on self serve check out & usually only 1 real check out. Very bad imo.

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  • Ricky, 21 Jan 2012

    Don't buy pasta salad if you plan to eat it on the go as they don't sell plastic forks individually the bastards.

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  • Mark, 22 Oct 2011

    Use self serve checkouts to avoid human contact. #foreveralone

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  • Danny, 10 Aug 2011

    The automotive door of storage room right next to the dairy bar is terrifying if you get close to it without informed

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  • Vincent, 22 Jun 2011

    Check out this asian chick who works there called mai. 7.5/10

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  • Raena, 21 Jun 2011

    The best of the city supermarkets if yr picking up some goodies after work-- always heaps of stock, and not cramped or crowded like Melbourne Central or Elizabeth St

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  • Sho' Nuff, 09 Jun 2011

    Bananas are so cheap here, go on and buy a whole pallet of them.

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  • Dinesh, 28 Jan 2011

    Pick a basket

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  • Wing, 15 Nov 2010

    Can't find any Coles here only 7-11

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