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Currumbin Sanctuary is an excellent wildlife park at the southern end of the Gold Coast. The park is home to wombats, tree kangaroos, kangaroos, wallabies and Tasmanian devils; although birds are the main attraction.

Our address

28 Tomewin Street, Currumbin QLD 4223
Bus 700, 760, 767, 768, TX1
Telephone (07) 5534 7427
Admission $49–69
Open 8am–5pm daily

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  • Nabe, 29 Jul 2019


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  • Nabe, 29 Jul 2019


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  • Nabe, 29 Jul 2019


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  • Brendan, 28 Mar 2018

    The animals are cared for at the highest standard so you actually feel good visiting and knowing your money is going to the right people. Plus you can hang out with Kangaroos so win/win really.

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  • Mimi, 24 Aug 2017

    A bit pricy for what they offering but the Koala experience worth every penny 🐨

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  • Shirps, 02 Feb 2017

    Great place to visit for young kids.

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  • Tatee, 22 Sep 2016

    Feeding the kangaroos is a must. Make sure to do that in the morning as they're be full by lunch time. If not, try to find the brown ones outside the enclosure of the red kangaroos. Birds show was 👍

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  • Scott, 20 Aug 2016

    Great opportunities to see our flying and natural Australian wildlife.

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  • Allison, 05 Apr 2016

    Pay extra to hold the koalas 🐨🐨🐨 you must see the bird show, it's incredible

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  • Chin, 28 Dec 2015

    Koala, kangaroo, wombats...everything is here. P.S Koala is not a bear.

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  • Chuah, 16 Dec 2015

    If you are a active person then you have to try the treetop challenge. Tiring but fun. Definitely worth it!

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  • Nasreen, 03 Dec 2015

    Great place to see the kangaroos, koalas and many more. Careful of lizards though, they're everywhere 😆

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  • P. L., 11 Jul 2015

    A great time for the family. Relaxing walk. Friendly staff.

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  • Sharina, 28 Mar 2015

    Highlight of the visit would be the photoshoot with the koala and messing with the kangaroos

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  • Amalina, 07 Mar 2015

    Amazing wildlife experiences

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  • Johnny, 01 Oct 2014

    Spending time bonding with the kangaroo families is a worth while experience, remember to grab a pack of Kangaroo food at $4

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  • Nate, 27 Aug 2014

    If you're local, a yearly pass and visits right on 0800 or after 1400 are the way to go!

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  • Sam, 19 Aug 2014

    Segway! Fun thing for the weekend!

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  • Luisa, 17 May 2014

    If you live locally it's only 20 bucks a ticket! Bargain!

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  • Scott, 12 Mar 2014

    Great place. Being from Melbourne and members of the Melb.Zoo these Facilities and food services at far better than Melb. Zoo. Maybe Melb.Zoo could learn a little. Only downside is so many Mosquitos

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  • Sam, 23 Jan 2014

    A place where you can enjoy exciting, interactive displays, presentations and dining experiences.

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  • Dmitriy, 21 Jan 2014

    Здесь можно потрогать и сфотографироваться с живой коалой всего за 20 AUD

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  • Andrew, 13 Dec 2013

    Put this as one of your 'must visit' places while in the Gold Coast. Excellent animal shows which are educational as well. Splendid!

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  • Glenn, 08 Oct 2013

    Fantastic place for a family day out.

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  • Tim, 04 Oct 2013

    Keep 5 dollars for parking - which goes to the upkeep of this wonderful place :)

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  • sam, 14 Sep 2013

    It wasn't as big as I would have imagine. Take their mini train ride to other parts of the park if you lazy to walk. If you can't see the wombat, try call out their names. Some steep hill to climb.

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  • fahad, 29 Jun 2013

    Amazing Zoo..

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  • Aishah, 23 Apr 2013

    Awesome animal photos for purchase!

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  • Mohammad, 09 Apr 2013

    Buy one piece keychains from there

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  • Jim, 19 Jun 2012

    The lorrokeet crap on you

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