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Although the Esplanade Busport mostly handles suburban bus services, coaches operated by South West Coach Lines to destinations throughout southwest Western Australia (including Bunbury, Busselton and Margaret River) also depart from here.

Our address

Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 6000
Train Esplanade (Joondalup line, Mandurah line) Bus Blue CAT, Green CAT, 16, 23, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 (stop: Esplanade Busport)
Telephone (08) 9220 9999
    Open Mon–Thu 5am–12.30am, Fri–Sat 5am–2am, Sun 5am–midnight

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  • Joseph, 13 Jun 2014

    The Esplanade Bus-port platforms are essentially a MEGA WIND TUNNEL. Wrap up in winter.

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  • Andrew, 03 May 2013

    The lifts are in the middle of the platform. Station isn't very disabled friendly

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  • Carsten, 02 Mar 2012

    The best satay chicken and noodles, been selling them since the 90s.

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  • Kaylyn, 04 Dec 2011

    Convention centre is so close.. Go see whats that hap there

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  • Hannz, 14 Sep 2011

    Buses are sometimes late! Makes me nervous that i won't be able to make it on time to my work.. ;/

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  • Sam, 12 Sep 2011

    You can buy postage stamps at the newsagent.

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  • Nikhil, 30 Aug 2011

    Some people seem to confuse Leave a Tip with Leave a boring as Tweet. That being said, Running to catch the bus is a great way to find 30 everyday. Yes, I do mean run after the bus for 30mins or more

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  • Nikhil, 26 Aug 2011

    Running for the bus is a great form of exercise. Just make sure you catch it or you're going to look rather silly

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  • Brian H., 29 Jun 2011

    Nice helpful and friendly staff at the transperth offices.

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  • Jazebi, 24 Mar 2011

    Buses are free if you're just going down the Terrace

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  • Jessica, 22 Oct 2010

    I like how some of the Asian stores sell cheap pocky~ xDD

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  • Denis, 07 Oct 2010

    Chicken cheese sausage rolls are to die for at the cafe!'

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  • T, 24 May 2010

    $1 soda cans at the vending machine outside the entrance to platform C

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