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Fish Frenzy is a another good fish and chip shop with a brilliant location right on Elizabeth Street Pier. Although you can get better fish and chips elsewhere, the location is excellent making it a great value place to enjoy fresh fish and chips.

Our address

Elizabeth Street Pier, Sullivans Cove, Hobart
Telephone (03) 6231 2134
Open 11am–9pm daily

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There are 30 comments from Foursquare

  • J, 02 Aug 2020

    Flathead with tempura batter - not the best but pretty good. Even a small chips has huge portions.

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  • Thierry, 29 Feb 2020

    Ok fish and chips

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  • Magali, 04 Sep 2019

    Toda la comida es fresca y muy sabrosa

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  • Brad, 29 Apr 2019

    Fish Burger was unreal - the best I’ve ever had. And super quick service too, unbelievably so!

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  • Wendy, 18 Apr 2019

    The food is delicious! You can see why it's so busy and popular 👌

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  • Rain, 11 Feb 2019

    Fish and chips fresh and fast

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  • Elena, 30 Jul 2017

    Quick service, reasonable prices, nice employees and great food!

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  • Friend, 15 Jul 2017

    Love this place

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  • Duncan, 14 Jun 2017

    Big portions, delicious and fresh

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  • Carpe, 05 Jan 2017

    Fish platterr

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  • Grace, 21 Nov 2016

    Best fish and chips! The crumbing was very light, served with nice thick cuts of chips. Our favourite had to be the scallops though, perfectly seared on a very lightly dressed salad

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  • Shashi, 07 Jun 2016

    Quick and fresh sea food.

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  • Sam, 25 Apr 2016

    Little bit disappointed on quantity & quality this time round.

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  • TC Boi, 21 Dec 2015

    Good fish and chips

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  • Lynn, 08 Jun 2015

    Mediocre fish and chips at its best. But service is seriously quick! Great location.

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  • Ken, 25 May 2015

    Friendly and helpful staff, casual eatery

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  • Giacomo, 05 May 2015

    Best fish and chips ever

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  • Col, 17 Jan 2015

    Best fish and chips in town.

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  • Paul, 04 Jan 2015

    Not in a million years is this Australia's best fish and chips. Fish is decent, but go crumbed as the battered version was a bit stodgy. Chips are terrible; frozen non-descript strips of carb.

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  • Svante, 26 Dec 2014

    Mediocre food, great location. To be frank the fish is so-so. The chips are mediocre at best. The reason why people come is he location, which is stellar.

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  • Sarah J, 08 Dec 2014

    One serving of flathead & small chips was a perfect tea for two on a Monday.

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  • Eddy, 29 Nov 2014

    Very good place.

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  • Kristin, 22 Jun 2014

    The Fish Frenzy wrap with chips is the perfect size.

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  • Mase28, 08 Feb 2014

    Smallest fish ever!!!not worth it!

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  • Stavroula, 15 Dec 2013

    Yes big portions but chock full of potatoes. Bit less of those and more fish would be nice!

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  • Yvonne, 20 Sep 2013

    The fish is fresh and delicious. Generous amount of lemon provided but can buy tubs of tartare or sweet coriander mayonnaise

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  • Andrew, 20 Jun 2013

    Really good fish and chips. Huge servings!

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  • Clint, 19 Mar 2013

    The Seafood Pier Platter is the best. Love it.

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  • Ratih, 12 Nov 2012

    Crumbed scallop salad is a must! Then drink em down with Dr.Benjafield's Organic Apple Juice!

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  • Bryan, 12 Jul 2012

    Try the FISH FRENZY. It has all the things. Quite nice

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