Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum

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Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum comprises a recreated village, restored ships and an exhibition of artefacts recovered from southwest Victoria’s many shipwrecks.

Our address

Merri Street, Warrnambool VIC 3280
Telephone (03) 5559 4600
Website www.flagstaffhill.com
Admission $16
    Open 9am–5pm daily

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  • Ilias, 13 Feb 2014

    It's a great place to take kids. The views are great from the lighthouse. A well stocked visitors center is on the same spot.

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  • Brendan, 09 May 2013

    Check out the AMAZING Lazer show at night, well worth it!

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  • Jarrod, 07 Jul 2012

    Plenty to see and do here, also the local Tourist Info Centre - great to find what else there is to do in our lovely town!

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  • Milly, 15 Dec 2011

    Visit Flagstaff Hill village in daylight & sound & laser show at night. Worth every cent & good value gift shop. Coming back next winter cos 3 days not long enough for a first visit. Love this area.

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