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If you’re hankering for a dirty street pie, then Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is a Sydney institution worth visiting for a late night snack. The original pie cart is on Cowper Wharf Road in Woolloomooloo, but there is a more central one on Capitol Square in the city centre. Harry’s clientele has included Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich and Colonel Sanders and it has also featured in the second season of the Amazing Race TV show.

Our address

Cowper Wharf Roadway, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Bus 311
Telephone (02) 9357 3074
Website www.harryscafedewheels.com.au
    Open Mon–Tue 8.30am–2am, Wed–Thu 8.30am–3am, Fri 8.30am–4am, Sat 9am–4am, Sun 9am–1am

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    There are 30 comments from Foursquare

  • Nigel, 11 Mar 2020

    The best pies in Sydney

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  • Paula, 08 Jan 2020

    Traditional. fast service. The ”Hot Dog de Wheels” is big and very spicy.

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  • Brad, 08 Feb 2019

    King of the Pies

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  • Road Unraveled, 21 Nov 2018

    This place is legendary for their meat pies- and for good reason! They’re incredible and a host of international celebrities have stopped by over the years. Get the tiger pie!

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  • Ashley, 04 Nov 2018

    Meat pie with gravy. The gravy is so good I could drink it.

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  • Emily, 26 Jun 2018

    Worth the stop but split the pie-very heavy! Chips were FABULOUS.

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  • J, 02 May 2018

    Hot dogs de wheels with mushy peas! Wish the onions are cooked through though

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  • 유석, 22 Mar 2018

    핫도그가 맛있고 파이도 좋습니다.

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  • V, 11 Dec 2017

    Pie and mash.

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  • Becca, 01 Sep 2017

    Great pies with great views

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  • Birgul, 31 Jan 2017

    Late night snack... never disappoints. True Aussie meat pie!

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  • JH, 15 Dec 2016

    The tiger lives up to the hype! The gravy is insanely good!

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  • Max, 18 Oct 2016

    Curry pies are the high-iq choice

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  • Soojin, 17 Oct 2016

    코스트코 스타일 핫도그.허나 그린피와 핫도그는 생각외로 갠츈

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  • Priya, 25 Sep 2016

    Try the Veggie Tiger

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  • Paul, 13 Aug 2016

    The pies. Obviously. Better meatier taller pies than elsewhere in the pie capital of the world.

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  • Sabrina Goh, 01 Jun 2016

    Love the steak and pea mash. Flavorful street food with added posh. Very good.

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  • Dimitris, 28 Mar 2016

    Although it is a famous spot, I got disappointed. Hot dog was awful. Better take a classic one that those with beans and chili.

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  • John, 26 Feb 2016

    Great food in a hurry, don't forget to take some time to feed the pigeons

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  • Julia, 23 Feb 2016

    Hot dog de wheels does the trick every time!! Love it.

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  • Mackenzie, 14 Feb 2016

    The mushy peas, mashed potato and gravy was good, but the veggie pie was average. Funky Pies at Bondi Beach does it way better.

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  • Jieun Christina, 12 Feb 2016

    의자불편. 테이블없음. 새똥여기저기. 똥맞을수있음. 비둘기가 미친듯이 음식을노림. 그런데 맛있다. 줄서서 사먹고있음. 고상하게먹기는 힘듬.

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  • Tamires, 01 Feb 2016

    Honestly, I didn't like toooooo much the meat pies. It's good but something doesn't taste good to me. But I put some barbecue and spice than I liked it.

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  • Kris, 31 Jan 2016

    The classic meat pie with peas is a solid choice. Split with a friend to make the perfect snack size.

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  • 𝙻𝚒𝚕𝚒á𝚗𝚊 ✨, 21 Dec 2015

    Everything is delicious and gotta love the place, famous people have been here!

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  • Diego, 25 Oct 2015

    Try the tiger

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  • Dean, 26 Sep 2015

    Pie floater with mash gravy and mushy peas fantastic

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  • Sway, 17 Apr 2015

    Pies, Tiger Pies, Hotdogs

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  • Third, 12 Apr 2015

    Pies & peas!

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  • Jason, 28 Mar 2015

    Meat pies obvi!! Get the Tiger.

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