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Hobart Airport (HBA) is on the A3 highway about 17km east of the city centre.

Jetstar and Virgin Australia fly from Hobart to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney; Tigerair fly to Melbourne and Qantas fly to Melbourne and Sydney.

The Airporter bus service (tel 0419 382240) runs regularly between the airport and central Hobart and they can drop you off at your hostel. The 15-minute trip costs $18.

Our address

Strachan Street, Cambridge TAS 7170
Telephone (03) 6216 1600
Website www.hobartairport.com.au

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  • Genesis, 14 May 2024

    Reachedddddd hello, tassie!

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  • Taezar, 19 Dec 2020

    Grab the SkyBus into town for hassle free ride into the city.

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  • Nigel, 30 Nov 2020

    Uber is available from Hobart Airport. Wait at the pickup area (turn left as you leave the airport and then follow the path to the sheltered area over to the right).

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  • Mike, 22 Mar 2020

    Efficient little airport

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  • Kateryna, 03 Jan 2020

    Фрукты отбирают при въезде )

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  • Rosemary, 17 Feb 2019

    Fantastic airport! Easy Uber pickup right out front ( cheaper for 2 than Skybus to CBD)

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  • Lani, 08 Jan 2019

    Small, cute airport. Not a lot of amenities but staff are very nice.

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  • Anita, 13 Nov 2018

    Small airport. Limited choice of retail outlets.

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  • JH, 31 Aug 2018

    Cutest airport. So easy to navigate

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  • BBB, 29 Aug 2017

    Finally modernised!

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  • BBB, 11 Aug 2017

    Finally fully renovated and now a nice airport.

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  • Lane, 18 Feb 2017

    Not even a public water fountain yet it's $5.70 for a bottle of water. Well done guys.

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  • Yarn, 20 Oct 2016

    If you're here early for check-in, head to the small cafe at the baggage carousel for some people watching.

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  • Meg, 12 May 2016

    DO NOT arrive early. Literally nothing to do and airline employees don't even arrive to check you in until close to boarding. Show up an hour before takeoff MAX.

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  • Chris, 05 Apr 2015

    Black Espresso showcases Hobart's best local roaster, Villino. Airport coffee isn't awful any more!

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  • Cat, 14 Nov 2014

    Pick up these Hobart free walking guide. Urbanwalkabout.com and we are Hobart for shops and restaurants ideas.

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  • Chris, 16 Oct 2014

    Try waiting forever for your Qantas Priority luggage

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  • Jeremy, 01 Sep 2014

    Nice little airport, but a bit of a haul from Hobart. $18 for a shuttle into town is a bit steep.

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  • Tony, 19 Aug 2014

    If you are travelling to Hobart the shuttle bus is much more economic.

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  • Yulianto Wheatley, 11 Jul 2014

    Hobart ...

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  • Trish, 16 Apr 2014

    Take some time to explore the magnificent wineries whilst in Tasmania. Some world class wines being produced!

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  • Brian, 24 Mar 2014

    The Qantas Club closes at 4:50pm.

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  • Abhay, 14 Mar 2014

    Don't forget to take a selfie on the way to your aircraft!

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  • Ana, 02 Jan 2014

    It's a tiny airport...nothing much there.

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  • Fred, 27 Dec 2013

    I spent $37.8 for a cab service to take my partner and myself from Hobart city centre to the airport. Hobart Airport Shuttle charges $17 per person.

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  • Jen, 02 Nov 2013

    $17 shuttle to Sandy Bay.

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  • Kris, 20 Sep 2013

    Use the toilets before going through security. The one after getting through security is tiny and packed!

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  • Todd, 19 Aug 2013

    Refusing to allow sharp objects through security has nothing to do with terrorism. The don't want you slashing your wrists out of boredom!

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  • Paris, 09 Aug 2013

    Enjoy having your priority luggage not arrive with priority.

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  • Tracy, 04 Aug 2013

    We missed the flight from Tasmania via Jetstar.. Three times delayed flight connecting Melbourne.. What a waste of airfare ticket.. It cost us to book again fro AUD 800.. Isn't it expensive?

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