Kuranda Koala Gardens

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The Kuranda Koala Gardens are similar to Birdworld and the Butterfly Sanctuary, but with koalas.

Our address

Rob Vievers Drive, Kuranda
Telephone (07) 4093 9953
Website www.koalagardens.com
    Open 9am–4pm daily

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  • Elin, 11 Nov 2019

    Sadly you can only hold the koala for 10 seconds before you need to let go. But ugh so amazing.

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  • Lisa, 14 Oct 2018

    🐨 are the main attraction. They are just so darn cute 😍 If only they wouldn't just sleep all the time (ALL of them were asleep!!). Also, there aren't that many to look at.

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  • Helen, 12 Apr 2018

    The koalas are so darned cute!!!

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  • Jon, 16 Jul 2015

    Hug a koala.

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  • Jennifer, 14 Jul 2015

    You can hand feed the wallaby and kangaroo here. Also AUD 20 extra to take cuddle and photo with the koala!

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  • Doug, 12 Jun 2015

    Um lindo zoológico com várias atrações legais para fazer e se ver e o melhor de tudo que vc tira foto com um Koala no seu colo. Mto lindo.

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  • Elke, 28 Mar 2015

    I petted a koala here :-) pretty amazing experience

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  • Laurie, 04 Mar 2014

    This is a small zoo- wallabys, kangaroos and koalas are not happy- it just made me sad for the animals

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  • Marcos Cristian, 21 Nov 2013

    Koalas y nada mas.

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  • Leo, 26 Aug 2013

    18 баксов вход в зоопарк, который очень маленький. И еще 18, чтобы подержать коалу на руках и получить фото с ней. Но это того стоит. Коалы такие няшные.

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  • momokama, 02 Feb 2013


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  • Laura, 30 Oct 2011

    The koalas are $16 extra to hug, and it's well worth it. There's free roaming wallabies so grab some food. Really nice open feel, definitely worth a look

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