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Lone Pine is a large wildlife sanctuary with loads of native Australian animals including kangaroos and koalas as well as Tasmanian devils, wombats, dingoes and various reptiles. It is the world’s largest koala sanctuary with over 130 koalas.

Our address

708 Jesmond Road, Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069
Bus 430, 445
Telephone (07) 3378 1366
Website www.koala.net
Admission $33
    Open 9am–5pm daily

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  • Nori, 03 Apr 2024


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  • Richard, 13 Jul 2023

    Animals seem really well cared for and there is a wealth of expertise on the ground. I’m not a fan of any animal being ‘penned in’, but what they are doing here seems to be good science & conservation

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  • Mr, 13 Nov 2019

    Lovely place to bring a toddler. Great day out.

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  • Mario, 27 Sep 2019

    la mejor selfie junto al amigo kangu

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  • Dreams Alshehri, 20 Jul 2019

    Small and crowded small amount of animals and the ticket is expensive and another ticket to have photo with Koala with looong queue

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  • Robert, 06 Jul 2019

    So many koalas and kangaroos to see and interact with, this is a place you *need* to stop by if you’re visiting Brisbane.

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  • , 11 Jan 2019

    only the kangaroo and quala scenary.

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  • Thomas, 03 Jan 2019

    Nice little zoo! A lovely place! But personally i think its a bit overpriced... koala cuddling/photos is limited so make sure your there early!

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  • Kenny, 10 Dec 2018

    Great place! Loved that you could get really close to the animals! Just note that all the “free photo” sessions stated in the programme do not allow you to hold the animals (addn $25 to hold).

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  • Elisa, 04 Nov 2018

    Amazing encounter with Australian animals. Homd the koala! It's worth it!

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  • 大輔, 31 Oct 2018


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  • Cihan, 28 Jul 2018

    Extremely rude staff! Especially the ones in Koala photo shoot area! Do not go there...

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  • Sunny, 02 Jun 2018

    Good good good

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  • Elisa, 23 Feb 2018

    Koala holding pictures are the best! And watch your step because there are iguana's everywhere!

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  • Joao, 27 Dec 2017

    So worth a visit! A ton of koalas and friendly kangaroos that you can pet!

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  • C, 03 Oct 2017

    Feed a kangaroo

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  • Lavender, 23 Jun 2017

    Koalas sheep dogs

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  • Zhu, 10 Apr 2017

    Lovely place

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  • J, 24 Feb 2017

    Amazing day trip from Brisbane - the 1-130pm Koala session lets you take photos using your own camera (for a donation only)

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  • Fish, 14 Jan 2017

    Have your picture taken holding a koala. Feed kangaroos. And get there by taking a lovely boat ride!

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  • Ida, 30 Aug 2016

    Wildlife, cute koalas and kangaroos. Good shows.

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  • Peter, 01 Jul 2016

    A lot more hands on than most zoos

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  • Cbl, 29 Apr 2016

    The Koalas were so cute!

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  • Irina, 07 Mar 2016

    This is the place where I turned my childhood dream into life. I could touch and hug koala!

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  • Nessa, 09 Jan 2016

    Love it how we can interact with kangaroos freely and taking picture with koala is a must! Worth the money if u take package 3&4

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  • Linda, 21 Dec 2015

    Poor birds are in a small cage! The animals in there are not living in a "natural setting" as they are saying.

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  • Michael, 05 Dec 2015

    Beautiful to see.

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  • Kristýna, 02 Dec 2015

    I love this place. See lots of koalas, kangaroos and other australian animals.

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  • Michal, 20 Nov 2015

    koalas, pictures with koalas, feeding kangaroos,

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  • Bon, 20 Nov 2015

    Finding koalas and kangaroos

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