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Luna Park is a St Kilda landmark and even if you don’t go inside the park it is essential to take a photo with the huge laughing face greeting visitors to this small amusement park at St Kilda Beach.

Luna Park is really geared towards families with kids 4–15 years, but adults can also enjoy the attractions. Rides include the Scenic Railway (the world’s oldest continuously operating roller coaster) as well as a Ferris wheel and several newer “jaw dropping, eye ball popping, lose your lunch super thrill rides” like the Enterprise, Power Surge and the Pharaoh’s Curse.

Our address

Lower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182
Trams 3a, 16, 79, 96 (stop: Acland Street/Carlisle Street)
Telephone (03) 9525 5033
Admission $5 single ride ticket $10.95 unlimited ride ticket $49.95
    Open 11am–11pm daily

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  • Brendan, 20 Apr 2022

    Classic rides. Don’t miss the scenic railway - over 100 year old rollercoaster!

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  • Andy, 02 Feb 2019

    Awesome fun!

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  • Adam, 20 Jan 2018

    The new pirate themed water ride is great.

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  • Cande, 22 Mar 2017

    Imperdible subirse a la montaña rusa

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  • Joanna, 23 Jan 2017

    Interesting to see due to vintage features but in comparison with similar places around the world, this one is immensely overpriced.

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  • Venoth, 25 Sep 2016

    An amazing place that kids would love. Come early to avoid the long queues. A fantastic theme park.

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  • Pedro, 05 Apr 2016

    For the kiddies mostly but the roller coaster is a must at sunset on a warm afternoon.

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  • Aurora, 06 Jan 2016

    Montagnes russes old-school.

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  • Robert, 01 Jan 2016

    Come early or late on school holidays during the summer. Admission lines can get long.

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  • k a t *✲゚*, 04 Apr 2015

    Good photo ops, very old-school 👌 Tickets are a bit pricey.

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  • citizenziggy, 23 Mar 2015

    much bigger than I thought it would be. great for punk-ass kids and children =)

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  • Tyron, 07 Mar 2015

    A very historic and cool place. Check it out.

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  • Juan, 15 Feb 2015

    😃 Very fun!

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  • Dilek Dee, 25 Jan 2015

    $11 for a ghost ride ticket , sometimes I'm getting more scared on a public bus! Shame on them!

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  • Allyssa, 04 Jan 2015

    It's alright but rides a little pricey

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  • Quentin, 24 Nov 2014

    Free entry, nice and fun amusement theme park !

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  • Yvonne, 21 Nov 2014

    A nice place for children.

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  • Sandun, 02 Jul 2014

    Scenic railway is really worth a try.

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  • Elise, 24 Apr 2014

    Run down fun fair with character.

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  • Kun-Han, 04 Apr 2014

    Only open in weekends

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  • Stephen, 10 Jan 2014

    If you go on The Great Scenic Railway, make sure your phone is well in your pocket. It will get shaken out.

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  • Damien, 18 Nov 2013

    The line for the roller coaster takes ages. So it's your choice if you want to go on it. But it has good food and stuff. Go on the hangover it's great I love it that's like the best one trust me!!✌️

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  • Carlee, 18 Aug 2013

    The Scary Circus 3D Maze is seriously bloody scary. Sign says 7 years and over but it should be 10-12 and over. One of the performers tells you "you're all going to get killed by a clown".

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  • Leanne, 11 Aug 2013

    If with children. Check how tall they are. Depending on what types of rides they like, adults ride free on some (not many though)

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  • Chris, 16 May 2013

    The oldest theme park in the southern hemisphere. And it has a ghost train.

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  • Hirotaka, 31 Mar 2013

    Haha bumpers car stuck 4 wide into a corner

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  •, 30 Aug 2012

    Entry is FREE. This is a Melbourne icon, and always fun to visit.

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  • Ross, 26 Aug 2012

    Ride the world's oldest continually-operating rollercoaster.

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  • Dimitri, 17 Mar 2012

    Love the old school roller coaster with the operator standing up in between the carriages operating the hand brake!

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  • Marilyn, 05 Jan 2012

    Ghost train is terrible. Not thrilling but the photos at the end is funny.

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