Mackay Airport (MKY)

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You can get direct flights to Mackay Airport (MKY) from Brisbane, Melbourne, Rockhampton, Sydney and Townsville. Jetstar flies to Brisbane; Qantaslink flies to Brisbane, Rockhampton and Townsville; Tiger Airways fly to Melbourne and Virgin Australia flies to Brisbane and Sydney.

Mackay Airport is around 5km south of the city centre.

Our address

Boundary Road East, East Mackay QLD 4740
Telephone (07) 4957 0201
    Open 5am–9.30pm daily

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  • Josi, 31 Aug 2020

    ❤️ i love Mackay

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  • Jamie, 18 Jan 2017

    Looking a little dated. Could do with more Queensland government funding after all that mining tax has gone to the state and not back to Mackay

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  • DW, 10 May 2013

    Avoid it where possible

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  • Matthew, 26 Jun 2012

    Airport is to small and lacks facilities for the amount of people traveling.

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  • Layover Tips, 03 Jun 2012

    Check out the observation area, it's one of a kind for Aussie airports.

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  • Scott, 19 Apr 2012

    You can't take hot drinks through security

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  • FOOD STRATEGY, 23 Jan 2012

    Don't go to Mackay airport if it's been raining - they close the airport. For safety of course.

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  • Alicia, 28 Oct 2011

    Free wifi in the departure lounge!!

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  • Alicia, 28 Oct 2011

    Great coffee

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  • Scott, 19 Aug 2011

    Never fly Jetstar

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  • Philip, 08 Jun 2011

    Nothing like a 10.30am beer before (or after) a flight.

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  • Bruce, 05 Dec 2010

    Bus terminal is to the right of the airport entrance, as you're heading out of the building. Taxi's pull up at the front of the airport.

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  • Surya, 19 Nov 2010

    mantap oiii.......

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  • ksr, 07 Nov 2010

    ATM BOQ machine in arrivals next to mens toilet

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  • Elvin, 03 Oct 2010

    Nice cakes available here

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  • Queensland, 29 Sep 2010

    Welcome to Mackay Airport! Be sure to try out some of the delicous cakes at Flavours Café while you wait!

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