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The brilliant Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Berriedale, north of central Hobart, is Australia’s largest privately funded museum and is considered by many to be Hobart’s top tourist attraction.

MONA’s permanent collection includes more than 400 artworks that are complemented by a programme of temporary exhibits. The museum’s modern artworks include many confronting and unique pieces, which make the museum more fun than most other art museums.

Although local buses stop nearby, the nicest way to travel to MONA is to take the 30-minute ferry trip from Brooke Street pier ($20–50 return). There is also an express bus ($20 return) to the museum.

Our address

655 Main Road, Berriedale TAS 7011
Ferry from Brooke Street ferry terminal Bus 42, 110, 117, 362, 394, X1, X7, X8 (stop: 649 Main Road)
Telephone (03) 6277 900
Admission $20–25 (free for Tasmanian residents)
    Open Mon & Wed–Sun 10am–6pm

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  • Tim, 09 Jun 2024

    It’s really MA.

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  • Paul, 10 Sep 2023

    Exceeded my expectations. A fuck-off, fantastic experience.

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  • nord, 24 Jun 2022

    This is probably the most interesting museum I have seen. If you like the weird and crazy art come here. This is the wall of weird.

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  • Mike, 15 Aug 2021

    Allow a whole day, the place is huge, great art

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  • Sigrid, 30 May 2021

    Not as good as the last time I visited. There seems to be a bigger emphasis on sex, beastiality and torture. The Ladies Lounge was tantamount to pointless. Faro was exceptional though.

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  • Tohid, 02 Feb 2021

    💯 best museum ever, full of surprises, you can find any sort of collection

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  • J, 02 Aug 2020

    Lots of Instagram-friendly pieces. Some sections are quite sexual, macabre and generally frightening - maybe not suitable for children?

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  • Thierry, 29 Feb 2020

    One of the best contemporary art museum I have ever seen

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  • El Greco Jakob, 14 Jan 2020

    The most phenomenon museum with amazing exhibits, artist, indeed inventors from around the pangea 🌎 david Walsh he’s a genius.- indeed master architect Nodas Katsalidis

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  • Robert Tolar, 01 Nov 2019

    Amazingly awesome museum. Don’t skimp on the paid exhibits. They’re worth it

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  • Bommy, 13 Apr 2019

    Amazing and beautiful museum with so much to see and experience. Spend the whole day here.

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  • Lani, 12 Jan 2019

    Easily my new favorite art museum. Plan on a full day.

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  • ML, 10 Jan 2019

    Interesting and quirky museum. You can spend at least 2 hours here. The ferry ride was fun as well. A must-go.

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  • Anita, 13 Nov 2018

    Confusing layout, difficult to navigate, even with a map.

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  • Marcelo, 02 Nov 2018

    Stunning place with some really nice old art. The new art changes every now.amd then and some are interesting.

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  • Julian, 05 Sep 2018

    As much as I find modern "art" controversial, this is one of the best places I've visited. A treat for the senses and a must see in Tassie!

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  • JH, 31 Aug 2018

    So weirdly wonderful it’s absolutely quirky and perfect.

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  • Leïla, 09 Feb 2018

    A must do! plan the all day there! and if you can eat at the tapas restaurant in the evening! it will close the day with excellent food and cocktails, wine!

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  • Sophie, 24 Jan 2018

    L'un des musée les plus incroyable que j'ai visité!

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  • Darius, 06 Jan 2018

    Creative and nice setup.

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  • Jacob, 17 Dec 2017

    The sheer scale of the place is very impressive.

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  • Steve, 02 Dec 2017


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  • Andy, 06 Aug 2017

    Excellent collections and beautifully presented.

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  • Melker, 11 May 2017

    Amazing place. I could not recommend this place enough. Ferry ride in is part of the experience but plenty of parking available if needed. Changing all the time. Nudity and other adult themes.

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  • Ken, 27 Jan 2017

    Amazing museum with not your ordinary art pieces. Take the MONA ROMA ferry from Brooke Street Pier to the gallery for a lovely day out on the water.

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  • Ed, 14 Jan 2017

    This is an absolute gem of a museum from its architectural aspects to its wide and varied collections it is a must see

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  • kwai ling, 15 Dec 2016

    Special although there are some art objects may make some of people feel uncomfortable.. But this is art

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  • Jewel, 05 Dec 2016

    Beautiful art works!

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  • Jeffrey, 24 Nov 2016

    Some of the most provocative and intriguing collections of art you'll see

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  • Rory, 17 Jul 2016

    The food is really good and the ferry going over is very trendy... Most exhibits are suitable for kids... Some very original ideas

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