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Situated in front of the new Parliament House, is a more traditional building that was originally built as a temporary structure and served as Australia’s seat of government from 1927 until 1988. The building now houses the National Portrait Gallery, the Australian Archives Gallery and a museum chronicling Australia’s political history.

Our address

King Edward Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600
Bus 80
Telephone (02) 6102 7000
Admission Free
Open 10am–5pm daily

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There are 15 comments from Foursquare

  • Judy, 01 Oct 2019

    The portraits, in a variety of mediums, of Australians who have made a significant contribution to our history was fabulous.

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  • Ian, 09 Nov 2018

    A diverse collection of painted portraits of subjects connected with all aspects of Australia

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  • Ian, 15 Sep 2018

    Fabulous gallery and great space for functions

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  • J, 11 Apr 2018

    A good way to discover the famous Australian across time and place. Each portrait comes with a bit of biographical information about the portrait subject.

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  • Stan, 27 Jan 2017

    Strong collection across a wide range of media. Located in a wonderful precinct of Canberra. Quiet and peaceful.

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  • Stella, 11 Sep 2016

    If you're new to Australia, you can start here by learning the famous Australians. Very interesting place

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  • Azimuthal, 10 Oct 2015

    Great place for breakfast. The café opens before the gallery on the weekend.

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  • Justin, 28 Sep 2015

    Easy to navigate

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  • Tomfoolery, 28 Feb 2015

    Always have some great exhibitions here ('In the Flesh' was incredible), the permanent galleries are always good for a wonder too.

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  • Victoria, 26 Oct 2014

    Nice gallery cafe and shop, definitely worth visiting when in canberra

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  • Anna, 03 May 2014

    The shop has a fantastic selection of Australian design jewellery, cook books, gifts and gift cards.

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  • Henry, 07 Sep 2012

    Loved the 10-minute video portrait of Australian actress Cate Blanchett

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  • Nancy, 16 Sep 2011

    Love love love... Totally cool New York vibe!! Don't forget to check out the store too!

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  • Portrait, 29 Jul 2010

    Btw SOHI - I think you might be confusing the Portrait Gallery with the National Gallery of Australia next door... I've never had a rubbish sandwich at the Portrait cafe!

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  • SOHI Magazine, 02 May 2010

    Forget the cafe, go to the Sculpture Garden Restaurant. $10 for a rubbish sandwich versus $20 for an awe inspiring main with impeccable table service and a view to swoon over.

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