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This tourist complex is comprised of the Isa Experience Gallery and the Hard Times Mine tour.

The Isa Experience Gallery is a small museum depicting the town’s history and culture. The Hard Times Mine is a unique experience as it offers the opportunity to tour a mine, although it is rather expensive.

Mount Isa’s tourist information centre is located near the entrance to the Outback at Isa complex.

Our address

19 Marian Street, Mt Isa QLD 4825
Telephone (07) 4749 1555
Website www.outbackatisa.com.au
Isa Experience admission $12; Hard Times Mine tours cost $49
Isa Experience open 8.30am–5pm daily; Mount Isa visitor information centre open 8.30am–5pm daily

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  • Queensland, 29 Sep 2010

    Experience the Hard Times Mine - a purpose built mine shaft which takes you deep beneath the earth's surface for a complete underground experience.

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