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An 81m flag mast that has become the city’s major landmark crowns Parliament House. Visitors can join a guided tour, stroll through its public galleries, walk around its striking exterior – or roll down the grassy slopes that are part of its design. You can watch a session of parliament, if it is sitting. This enormous building took half a century to conceive and a decade to build.

Our address

Parliament Dr Canberra ACT 2600
Bus 2, 3
Telephone (02) 6277 7111
Admission Free
    Open Sitting Weeks - Mon-Tue 9am-5pm Wed-Thu 8:30am-5pm; Non-Sitting Weeks Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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  • MrsMum, 15 Jan 2024

    Where was the marble dugout from and which country too i it upon themselves to shine the make it look so amazing

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  • Chris, 01 Oct 2022

    Architecturally stunning, definetly worth a visit and check out both chambers.

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  • Rebecca, 21 Mar 2021

    Make sure you book a tour ahead of time if you want to get in to see the parliament sitting!

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  • Donatella, 26 Jan 2019

    Fascinating building. Take the behind the scenes tour.

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  • Rob, 09 May 2017

    I thought it would be a bit more grand . . .

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  • Ting, 17 Oct 2016

    Similar the US system with two Houses, Australia capital's parliament is also open for visits and tours. In fact, you can literally walk up onto its roof symbolizing the government under the people.

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  • Mimi, 11 Oct 2016

    It's actually really nice inside. Marbled staircases! Definitely some good views of Canberra from the roof.

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  • JH, 09 Apr 2016

    Free one hour parking!

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  • Dimitris, 28 Feb 2016

    Just B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! Visit is a must.

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  • Albert, 31 Dec 2015

    Learn how our nation is governed on one of the free tours

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  • Saud, 09 Aug 2015

    Check out the roof!

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  • May, 01 Apr 2015

    Great views and a very interesting place.

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  • Liv, 02 Oct 2014

    Don't miss question time at 2pm!

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  • Tracey, 01 Dec 2013

    Take the free tour! Go up to the roof top. Free parking

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  • Amelia, 04 Jul 2013

    Guards get cranky and hurries everyone towards the exit when it's closer to closing time (5pm).

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  • Vince, 12 Feb 2013

    I'd take your shoes off BEFORE you go through security to avoid having to go back through - its very sensitive at the moment

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  • j03w, 01 Oct 2012

    free wifi here!

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  • The White House, 17 Nov 2011

    President Obama holds a joint press conference with Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia at Parliament House.

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  • Dave, 11 Jul 2011

    Such a beutifull building but don't try to park your bike by the Seantaors' Entrance or Security will get shouty

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  • Carbon, 01 Jun 2011

    This is where it all happens! If you want to get a cause heard, this is where you come! We'll be here a lot until climate change is addressed properly!

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  • Kae Yen, 12 Sep 2010

    Check out the amazing view from the rooftop and get the police officer up there to take your photo. Shuts at 445pm.

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  • Adam, 22 Mar 2010

    Make sure you take the guided tour as the history known by the guides in amazing!

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