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Because of the distance between Perth and the other big cities, flying is the most popular way to get to Perth. Jetstar, Qantas, Skywest, Tigerair and Virgin Australia fly into Perth from most major cities throughout Australia plus many smaller towns in Western Australia. Perth’s location also means that it is a hub for budget international airlines with cheap flights to Asia, including AirAsia X, Jetstar Asia and Scoot.

Perth Airport (PER) is 12km northeast of the city centre. The international and domestic terminals are located several kilometres apart and locals often talk about them as if they’re separate airports as there is no convenient way to get from one terminal to the other. The domestic terminal is served by local bus routes 37 and 40 as well as the more expensive Connect airport shuttle bus, which also serve the international terminal.

The Connect airport shuttle bus is the quickest option into the city centre and charges $15 for a one-way trip.

Our address

2 George Wiencke Drive, Perth Airport WA 6105
Bus 37, 40, Connect (stop: Domestic Airport), Connect (stop: International Airport)
Telephone (08) 9478 8888

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  • Jhon, 19 May 2024

    Once again 🫣

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  • T, 22 Oct 2023

    Did u know you can take some international flights from the Australian east coast to Perth that refuel on their way out! Check with your airline to take advantage of international departure lounges.

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  • Geno, 17 Feb 2023

    Clean, organised, and convenient

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  • Sherif, 25 Mar 2021

    Does what it says on the box

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  • Quintein, 07 Feb 2020

    It's alright, but I like that you can get dropped off at short term parking for free if under 10 minutes. Good for goodbyes

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  • Sigbjørn, 19 Oct 2019

    Perfectly fine and efficient! All your essentials are covered after security. If you arrive from abroad, immigration can be swift as it can be long depending on the time of your arrival.

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  • Cynthia, 06 Oct 2019

    If you are going to take a connection, you will need to go directly to the counter.

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  • fildza, 12 Apr 2019

    Small and compact airport ...but all is there for you!

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  • 🇬🇷 Lambros, 11 Mar 2019

    In australia 🇦🇺 you don’t get an entry / exit stamp. When u r leaving, at the immigration section , u can ask the officer to stamp your passport if u want to. Do it! An extra stamp is always cool!!!

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  • Agung, 16 Feb 2019

    Small and efficient. Modern yet still got local touch. Staffs here are very friendly.

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  • Martin, 06 Jan 2019

    A nice and fresh airport with free Wifi.

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  • Connie, 04 Jan 2019

    Clean, free public showers

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  • Onur, 07 Nov 2018

    Small but Well organized

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  • Katrina, 04 Nov 2018

    Fying business? Arrive early & enjoy the lounge! Great coffee download the app & order the from ur phone to avoid the line! This Qantas lounge does fresh pizzas for lunch/dinner! Enjoy the food!

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  • Aaron, 17 Jul 2018

    Perth based Aviation Security are a joke. Overly intrusive. Have spent a lot of time travelling through the US and they are easier to deal with than the clowns here

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  • Zack, 15 May 2018

    The view is amazing everywhere. Peoples are nice. I was working & no pretty much time to enjoy.

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  • Steve, 03 Apr 2018

    Since the road changes it's become an.easy place to get in and out of

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  • MAC, 12 Feb 2018

    Looks alright. Nice cafe upstairs while waiting for departure

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  • Yulia, 12 Jan 2018

    Loung of Quantum is nice. Good decorated. Clean. There is a shower. Wi-Fi. Snacks on the time of day. Unlimited choice of alcohol. There is freshly squeezed juice. Professional coffee machine.

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  • Michael, 31 Dec 2017

    Decent airport, free WiFi and quite a few bars and shops before security. You may get a better range of souvenirs once through security, however, if you're looking to buy.

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  • Katrijn, 29 Dec 2017

    Super easy and friendly staff to help you out!

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  • Panji, 13 Dec 2017

    Love this massage chair....

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  • muhazam, 03 Dec 2017

    Love the surau area, spacious tho had no curtain to separate male and female.

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  • Lalida, 15 Sep 2017

    Check in online is easier. Free wifi with good speed

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  • nurulkia, 20 Jul 2017

    Not much to shop except last minute souvenirs. Great selection of eateries.

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  • Lawky, 06 May 2017

    Simple and easy access

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  • Christopher, 22 Apr 2017

    Free clean showers G/F of terminal one.

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  • Anna, 16 Apr 2017

    Fast free wifi. They have some good food options but if you are on a budget theres hungry jacks on floor 1! Also toilets very clean.

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  • Oliver, 03 Apr 2017

    Immigration was fast. The new arrivals building is great. Modern place! Love the atmosphere when you come outside.

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  • Rosie, 13 Feb 2017

    😔😔😢😥😭#loveyou #Bambi #missingfamily

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