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This is a must-see attraction that gives you an excellent impression of Australia’s convict history. The World Heritage listed Port Arthur Historic Site covers a large area and includes ruins of the prison settlement with several restored buildings. Admission to the site includes a guided tour, a cruise around the harbour and admission to the site for two consecutive days.

Free entry with the iVenture Tasmania card
Free entry and audio tour to the Port Arthur Historic Site with the iVenture Card Tasmania sightseeing pass

Our address

6973 Arthur Highway, Port Arthur TAS 7182
Telephone (03) 6251 2310
Website www.portarthur.org.au
Admission $39
Open 9.30am–5pm daily

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  • Sigrid, 30 May 2021

    Lots has changed since I visited 30 years ago with new walkways and tours and cruises are all-inclusive for $40 meaning you can spend a whole day here. We only stayed for an hour. Cafe was Ok.

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  • George, 21 Apr 2021

    Such a huge improvement to this historic site over the last 10 years. Well worth the visit

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  • Julia, 17 Apr 2021

    Worth a tour

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  • Wing, 19 Apr 2019

    Beautifully maintained world heritage historic site. Your entry ticket includes a ferry ride & introductory tour. The site is quite large so ensure you have at least half a day to explore.

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  • Sean, 17 Jan 2019

    The ghost tour was definitely worth the price.

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  • Lani, 13 Jan 2019

    Very educational, beautifully preserved. Well worth the UNESCO World Heritage landmark.

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  • Ciaran, 24 Sep 2018

    Go on the Ghost Tour...a creepy way to learn about the history of this place..👻👻☠️

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  • Boon, 10 Jan 2017

    Lunch at the bistro is very reasonably priced! Pies for $5ish, and a main dish of salmon and rice for $16.

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  • Boon, 10 Jan 2017

    For the Isle of Dead and Boys Prison tours, during peak days they do more tour times than the ones indicated on the website.

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  • Jon, 19 Dec 2016

    Nice place to walk around. Make sure you see the separate prison. The campus is such a beautiful place to have been a prison. They did a great job with restoring and preserving this place!

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  • Andrea, 02 Jan 2016

    This is a big site, and you'll cover a lot of ground, some of which is uneven. It's a good idea to wear decent walking shoes.

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  • Andrea, 31 Dec 2015

    Allow a full day, especially if you want to do any additional tours.

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  • TC Boi, 13 Dec 2015

    Very interesting and educational tour. Your ticket is valid for 2 consecutive days in the event that 1 day isnt enough

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  • Mari, 18 Mar 2015

    Excellent place to learn about 19th century convict transportation history.

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  • Quozie, 17 Mar 2015

    Ghost tour had an interesting commentary from our guide. Found the restoration to be too modern.

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  • Svante, 27 Dec 2014

    Plan a few hours for this trip as the premises are quite large. Consider the "island of the dead" tour with anecdotes shining some light on the daily lives of the port arthurians.

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  • Yvonne, 21 Nov 2014

    Many beautiful old buildings

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  • CatZeitgeist, 19 Oct 2014

    Kinda scary...

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  • John, 24 Apr 2014

    With your entry fee you get a two dsy pass so enjoy the scenery and don't rush :)

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  • Eddie, 12 Feb 2014

    A must see. Very dark history that was punctuated by the 1996 massacre. Read Margaret Scott's Port Arthur: A Story of Strength and Courage during your visit to experience the Site to its fullest.

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  • Oanh, 16 Dec 2013

    The 45 minute guided tour is a great start. The facilities here are kept well. Building interiors have been reconstructed tastefully. Well worth a visit. An amazing contrast of a site.

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  • Port Arthur, 09 Feb 2012

    Look out for our new Paranormal Investigations Experience, coming up monthly starting February 25. A great one for the budding ghost hunters out there. Details on the website.

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  • X, 18 Jan 2012

    Check out the heritage orchard.. Most of the fruits aren't sweet though.

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  • Erin, 18 Nov 2011

    Wouldn't bother eating at the cafe - limited options eg pies and Sandwich's that are very over cooked

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  • Port Arthur, 13 Apr 2011

    Visit the Port Arthur Historic Site this weekend and share your family's associations with and memories of the Sites as part of Collecting Memories. A celebration as part of Australian Heritage Week.

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  • Port Arthur, 16 Feb 2011

    If you are at the Port Arthur Historic Site in late March, don't miss the extraordinary performances by Strange Fruit, as part of Ten Days on the Island. 25-27 March. www.portarthur.org.au/tendays2011

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  • Sony Mobile WTA, 23 Dec 2010

    Burnt out churches, uber scary night time ghost tours and graveyard island. Sounds like an adventure? Visit Tasmania's spookiest place.

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  • Port Arthur, 15 Dec 2010

    Check out our exciting activities on site this Summer - there's archaeology, drama and plenty of family fun - www.portarthur.org.au/summer

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  • MelbourneLily, 16 Oct 2010

    Expensive, confusing prices.

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  • Port Arthur, 29 Aug 2010

    If you're doing the amazing Port Arthur Ghost Tour, plan to stay nearby in the area over night. The road back to Hobart is long, winding and not recommended after dark.

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