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One of Australia’s largest museums has some excellent interactive displays and is host to a number of very good temporary exhibits. It is definitely one of Australia’s more enjoyable museums.

Free entry with the iVenture Sydney card
Free entry to the Powerhouse Museum with the iVenture Card Sydney sightseeing pass

Our address

500 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW
Tram Exhibition Centre Bus 501
Telephone (02) 9217 0111
Website maas.museum/powerhouse-museum/
Admission $15, free entry with the Sydney iVenture Card
    Open 10am–5pm daily

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  • James, 21 Jun 2021

    Fairly large museum with changing exhibitions located in the old Powerhouse. Worth checking what’s on ahead of time.

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  • Kateryna, 27 Dec 2019

    Музей впечатлил )

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  • Jen, 15 Jun 2019

    They've really done a great job revamping and living up to its new title of Applies Sciences. Part Questacon, part science museum, part art and history museum.

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  • Abhijeet, 07 May 2018

    Wonderful exhibits chronicling the STEAM curriculum.

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  • Arkady, 22 Apr 2018

    Aussie tech museum build by techs brought by Britain, US, Japan and USSR. Does not worth to visit if u are 15 years old and older. Most of things have nothing about technology at all.

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  • Khalid, 13 Apr 2017

    It doesn't rain inside.

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  • Joy, 26 Feb 2016

    Fantastic DC Comics Exhibition - all made from Legos - here until May 2016!

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  • Thomas, 29 Jan 2016

    Good place to bring kids.

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  • Lauran, 14 Jan 2016

    Good coffee 👍🏻

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  • Krarrl, 08 Nov 2015

    The exhibitions are smart and interactive

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  • Jen, 01 Nov 2015

    The Museum Shop is fantastic . Food and drinks available at Cafe nearby.

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  • Dmitry, 31 Oct 2015

    Heaps of interesting stuff in one place

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  • Elliot, 28 Oct 2015

    Exhibits are always changing, lots of schools use this for excursions of you go during the week.

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  • Paola, 06 Jun 2015

    Interesting exhibition of underwear. And permanent exhibition really cool for kids :)

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  • Eylem, 10 May 2015

    Make sure you follow its calendar .. Always something worth seeing

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  • Feisal, 05 Mar 2015

    once upon a time, they exhibited the queen's diamond wattle brooch

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  • Stanisław Adam, 18 Dec 2014

    Great museum: very interactive and entertaining. Perfect for families with children

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  • Jay, 17 Aug 2014

    Here for the Maker Faire - let's see what you got Sydney nerds!

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  • Yat Fai, 02 Apr 2014

    Easily spend 3-4 hours at the museum. Plenty of cool exhibits that even adults would find interesting

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  • Alex, 13 Feb 2014

    Fantastic museum of science and design. Needs a bit of brushing up (will tell you about that) but some great stuff here.

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  • Cherrie, 31 Dec 2013

    i love this!

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  • Sarah, 09 Dec 2013

    You have to buy the tickets online as they do not have the ticket counters in the museum. Nevertheless, the tour was awesome

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  • Michael, 26 Jul 2013

    what a great day at the powerhouse museum in ultimo, I'll come back soon.

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  • Walter, 31 Mar 2013

    Don't miss the Strasbourg clock performance!

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  • Walter, 30 Mar 2013

    Make sure you allow for at least three hours inside!

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  • Mitch, 11 Feb 2013

    If you're a tourist visiting Sydney for a few days, you can skip it unless it's raining and you can't find anything else to keep your kids busy.

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  • Mohamed, 28 Jul 2012

    it was really a nice experience .. you should visit it if you are going to Sydney :)

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  • Dan, 25 Jul 2012

    Check out the simulated Mars landscape where they test the next generation of rovers.

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  • Steph, 16 Jun 2012

    This place is NOT worth the price you pay. Dimly lit. Interactive stuff mostly broken. Boring displays.

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  • Jo, 06 Jun 2012

    Skip the boomerang cafe! Short staffed, dirty and smelly!

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