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With more than 1100 stalls, the Victoria Market is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a great place to stock up on fresh food at bargain prices, and there is a huge flea market on weekends. The hot jam doughnut van is also worth a visit.

On Wednesday nights Nov–Feb there is a night market with an emphasis on gourmet street food stalls.

Our address

Corner of Victoria Street and Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tram 55 (stop: Queen Victoria Market/Peel Street), 19, 57, 59 (stop: Queen Victoria Market/Elizabeth Street)
Telephone (03) 9320 5822
Website www.qvm.com.au
Admission free
    Open Tue & Thu 6am–2pm, Fri 6am–5pm, Sat 6am–3pm, Sun 9am–4pm

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  • Trần, 17 Mar 2023

    You must stay here in Saturday morning <3

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  • Mike, 24 Nov 2019

    Fish, meat, deli food and fresh veggies are great but have the spicy Frankfurt sausage with all the extras in the deli food fall area, magnificent

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  • Lu, 19 Oct 2019

    Closed by 3pm..

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  • Adam, 08 Aug 2019

    Market was superb clean and you can find good and cheap souvenirs

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  • El Greco Jakob, 12 May 2019

    Great market. Very pleasant to shop here. You can find almost everything. Fish 🐟 and exotic game 🦌 emu 🦘 cheese 🧀 bread 🥖 fruits 🍉 🍎 🍌 nuts 🥜 etc etc.

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  • agus, 03 Mar 2019

    muy buen lugar para comprar souvenires a buen precio!

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  • Jonathan, 17 Feb 2019

    The deli has some of the best produce... cheeses and meats!

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  • Thierry, 17 Feb 2019

    Am not a fan of markets. This one is big though and very lively on a Saturday morning

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  • Sean, 02 Feb 2019

    The market tour was great fun. Do not eat breakfast before the tour and don’t plan on eating lunch afterwards.

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  • Tracy, 19 Dec 2018

    a really nice market place which has everything, definitely check out qv nut co stall for good selection of fresh and yummy nuts. https://t.co/qk0kspg9cm

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  • Taz (✿╹◡╹), 16 Nov 2018

    Come before 11am to avoid crowds and taste the truck specialties. Lots of Australia honey available. Fresh fruits are extremely expensive!!

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  • Lisa, 18 Oct 2018

    They eat parrot fish 😭😭😭 Head for the yummy fresh fruit juices and pastries instead!

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  • Jeff, 23 Sep 2018

    Good place and happening, the American Doughnut is famous a lot of people lining up.

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  • ÿt, 18 Sep 2018

    Very happening and attractive place!

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  • Caitlyn, 18 Sep 2018

    Good prices. Friendly merchants. Disability friendly if not most merchants will move their merchandise so you can get past

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  • Eye, 29 Aug 2018

    Make sure you do a a full loop before picking your snack there is a superset food area apart from the stalls.

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  • わに, 26 Jun 2018

    メルボルン最大の市場。多くの観光客や地元民が買い物や食事を楽しんでいます。スリや泥棒にはくれぐれもご用心を。Most Major Market at Melbourne.Many tourists and citizen enjoy shopping, drink and snack. Be careful for pickpocket and Thief.

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  • Tour Bus, 28 Apr 2018

    The Queen Victoria Market was one of the first markets to be built in Melbourne the area is over 200 hundred years old

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  • Dineamic, 28 Mar 2018

    Dineamic Food is about making you feel good through better nutrition and great tasting meals. Dineamic Food is made by chefs, not machines.

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  • Kanji Ishiwara, 10 Mar 2018

    Fresh cheap produce on sale. Delicious food too. All sorts of trinkets and souvenirs as well. The day I went there was a Brazilian festival and Churrasco was being offered. I love this place!

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  • irenesco, 28 Jan 2018

    Dozen oysters in a tray 18-20 AUD, bring them to the corner cafe and pair them with a glass of champagne

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  • nilong-33, 02 Jan 2018

    very good place for buying souvenirs

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  • TE, 29 Dec 2017

    Great fruits and vegetable market and tasty coffe @market lane coffee

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  • Vincent, 25 Nov 2017

    Can get anything here

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  • Ronald, 10 Nov 2017

    A place you love to stay for a day!

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  • Chi, 05 Nov 2017

    Come at 3pm on weekends because it's their closing hours & everything is on massive discounts.

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  • Jzin, 07 Oct 2017

    Visit if you wanna buy local products (leather, kangaroo skin mats) and fruits. There's also very nice coffee places ard (note: IG worthy). Also try the seafood.

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  • Patricio, 05 Oct 2017

    Hermoso mercado con todo tipo de arriculos locales de Australia y de Melbourne. Bellísimo.!!!

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  • skylove, 04 Oct 2017

    시끌벅적스럽고 정신없네요..멜번 노는 사람 다 나온 듯

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  • Emanuel, 28 Sep 2017

    Everything here you need. Souvenirs, food,... mostly asian people 😉

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