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The Queensland Art Gallery is Brisbane’s major art gallery and it has a large collection with a focus on Australian art.

Our address

Stanley Place, South Brisbane QLD
Train South Brisbane Bus 444
Telephone (07) 3840 7303
Website www.qagoma.qld.gov.au
Admission free
    Open 10am–5pm daily

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    There are 24 comments from Foursquare

  • Marc, 07 Dec 2019

    Beautiful architectural building and a wonderful curation.

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  • It'S ∴ Intercâmbio, 05 Dec 2018

    Lot of fun!

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  • Albert, 01 Sep 2018

    Check out the many rooms!

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  • Eddi, 23 Nov 2017

    I have always been wanting to see the works of Kusama Yayoi and I feel so blessed to witness the infinity room here at Queensland Art Gallery by accident. #yayoikusama

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  • J, 18 Feb 2017

    20 paintings stuck together on one wall is not exactly the best way to display art. I find the quality of QAG much lower than GOMA

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  • Greg, 18 Aug 2016

    Great selection of Australian art

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  • Richard, 18 Mar 2016

    Great function venue

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  • Rod, 01 Jun 2015

    Love this place so much!!!!

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  • Munyee, 14 Oct 2014

    Nice place to visit

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  • Alan, 14 Sep 2014

    Nice gardens, views. Some fantastic work on display, and cute little gift shop.

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  • Barry, 30 Aug 2013

    The cakes are especially delicious right now in the QAG Cafe

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  • Andrew, 16 Feb 2013

    Some interesting contemporary work here unlike the modern art gallery!

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  • Andrew, 16 Feb 2013

    If you like modern Art, this is a good gallery with the obvious favouritism towards Australian and Asian artists. It left me feeling depressed thought.

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  • Nick, 03 Jan 2013

    Lots of excellent Australian art, from classic landscapes to more modern works. Don't miss the 1880 panorama painting by JA Clark of Brisbane - see how much the city has changed since then!

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  • BigVolcano, 31 Oct 2012

    Don't bring a backpack or large bag, otherwise you'll need to surrender it until you leave. And photos are OK in free exhibition areas, as long as there's NO FLASH used.

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  • Chris, 22 Sep 2012

    Staff were rude but great first visit

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  • IBRAHIM, 20 Aug 2012

    nice place

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  • Museo del Prado, 23 Jan 2012

    The 21st of July 2012 the Prado will be presenting the exhibition "Portrait of Spain. Masterpieces from the Prado". This will be the first exhibition to be held by the Prado in Australia

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  • Michael, 26 Oct 2011

    Use the free wifi and QR codes as a mini guide. I like the use of technology

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  • Jkdimagery, 26 Sep 2011

    Viewing Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition. If in Brisbane check it out

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  • Kate, 25 Sep 2011

    This is the state's art collection, and there are some beauties here. I really like the water-court which also plays host to various exhibitions. It's cool and relaxing.

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  • Barry, 12 May 2010

    great place to chill out !

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  • Henry, 27 Mar 2010

    There is whole exhibition on hats. We are talking minimum 60 dollar hats here, Queensland is finally getting some class when it comes to sun smarts.

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  • Bernie, 25 Nov 2009

    always something new here - plenty to see, do and eat(go next door to eat)

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