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Wildlife Habitat is an enclosed animal park in a rainforest setting in Port Douglas that features 1600 animals and 180 different species.

Our address

Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas QLD 4877
Telephone (07) 4099 3235
Website www.wildlifehabitat.com.au
Admission $33
    Open 8am–5pm daily

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  • Nicholas, 28 Dec 2017

    Great experience to see plenty of wildlife!

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  • Peter, 22 Jul 2017

    If you want to feed the wallaby's and kangaroos go first thing in the morning while they are hungry and not having a siesta.

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  • Hisaki, 04 Jan 2017


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  • Axana, 23 Nov 2016

    The Habitat works with volunteers from all over the world, I was one of them for 6 weeks and it was amazing! Best people ever and their work is just incredible, the animals are everyone's priority.

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  • Oleg, 02 Sep 2016

    I went in with low expectations, but this place blew me away. Incredible bird-life all around you. Feeding the Kangaroos and Wallabies was so fun. Great layout!

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  • Lou, 04 Sep 2015

    So interactive. I recommend taking a tour. The staff is so friendly, and made a zoo visit so much fun for the kids

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  • Andrew, 29 Aug 2013

    If you can make it though without being crapped on by a bird, buy a lotto ticket... Actually being crapped on is good luck, buy a lotto ticket!

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  • Tom, 25 Aug 2013

    Don't knock the buffet lunch until you try it - even then, don't knock it.

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  • Stephen, 20 Apr 2013

    Enjoy Breakfast with the Birds and don't forget to cuddle a Koala, feed the Kangaroos and snap the Crocs!

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  • Jesper, 27 Dec 2012

    Do cuddle a koala

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  • Latitude Travel Services and Marketing, 14 Mar 2012

    Check out the times for the FREE guided tours, and don't forget the animal presentations. Great photo opportunities to take home and show the family!

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  • Guy, 20 Aug 2011

    You will love the breakfast with the birds

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