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Neighbours fans may want to visit the street where the TV show is filmed. Ramsay Street is actually Pin Oak Court in Vermont South, about a one-hour tram ride into the eastern suburbs.

If you don’t have a car you may want to take one of the tours run by the Official Neighbours Tour that include gossip about the show. The tours are highly recommended and you often get to meet stars from the show. On weekends there is a back lot tour that takes you into Global Television studios to see the exterior sets from the TV show including the Lassiters complex. Tours cost $55–70

The Official Neighbours Tour also organises Neighbours trivia nights where you get to meet the stars of the show. The trivia nights take place most Monday nights at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow pub in St Kilda and feature stars from the show and usually include Alan Fletcher’s (Dr Karl Kennedy) band Waiting Room. Tickets are $40

Our address

Pin Oak Court, Vermont South VIC
Official Neighbours Tour departs 570 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Neighbours trivia night Elephant and Wheelbarrow pub, 169 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda VIC 3182
Tram 75 (stop: Stanley Road/Burwood Highway)
Website www.neighbourstour.com.au
Neighbours tours cost Mon–Fri $55, Sat–Sun $70 Neighbours trivia night $40

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    Neighbours everyone needs good neighbours. With a little understanding you can find the perfect place

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    Right next to Jerry's house!

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