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The Roma Street Transit Centre is Brisbane’s main train station for long-distance travel with daily trains to most major destinations including frequent local trains within the Brisbane area, trains to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, interstate services to New South Wales and trains on the Brisbane–Cairns line.

Long distance trains from Roma Street train station include the NSW TrainLink XPT train to Sydney, the Westlander to Charleville, the Spirit of the Outback to Longreach (via Rockhampton), the Tilt Train to Rockhampton and the Spirit of Queensland to Cairns.

Our address

Roma Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Telephone (07) 3235 3166
Open Mon–Thu 3.30am–12.45am, Fri 3.30am–1.45am, Sat 3am–1.45am, Sun 3am–12.30am

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  • T, 15 Nov 2023

    Public toilets throughout. Follow the signs.

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  • Taezar, 06 Jun 2023

    With the ongoing building works, make sure you give yourself an extra 5 mins to get into the station. 2023.

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  • Dean A., 17 Oct 2018

    Good station

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  • Daniel, 07 Mar 2016

    No luggage lockers here anymore, removed because of 'terrorists', whatever that means

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  • Lucila, 23 Nov 2014

    Next to Roma Park, if you have 20 min go for a walk!!

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  • Rachael, 13 Oct 2014

    What to say. .. is a train station

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  • Marco Zima, 08 Aug 2014

    Air train wifi enabled!

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  • Feisal, 09 Jul 2014

    Go card defenitely made your live easier

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  • Amy, 17 Mar 2014

    The staff here are super friendly and helpful - especially if you tell them you're not local. Thanks QR!

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  • Dwight, 23 Feb 2014

    This is one of the handiest stations in Brisbane right next to Roma St Parklands and not far from King George Square and shops.

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  • Errol, 14 Feb 2014

    This is where the Lost Property Office for Queensland Rail is situated. If it isn't claimed at any of the other stations it will make it's way here eventually.

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  • Errol, 31 Jan 2014

    Feet go here, go there // Rush, rush, rush they cease to stop // Flowers outside bloom #HaikuTip

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  • Deano, 29 Jan 2014

    Awesome sushi in the food court

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  • Noddy, 19 Dec 2013

    The centre of the universe. Old man piss has dried long into the pillars of this transport institution, giving the colour scheme of this confusing train station a grimy cream. Too many escalators.

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  • Marcus, 21 Aug 2013

    Alight here for the Countrylink and Queensland Rail Tilt train services.

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  • Marcus, 15 Aug 2013

    Save at least 30% with GoCard compared to the cost of single paper ticket.

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  • Tiffany, 12 Jul 2013

    The luggage check-in for Countrylink literally closes half an hour before your train leaves, even if you're the next one in the queue.

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  • Adam, 02 Jul 2013

    Changing trains... cuz I have to...

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  • Eoin, 07 Jun 2013

    Why not stop of and try the sushi.. It's great!

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  • Edwin, 08 May 2013

    Change trains here. Clean and helpful staff.

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  • Tracey, 18 Mar 2013

    You can use your credit card to buy drinks from the vending machines! Cool!

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  • Raam, 25 Jul 2012

    If you're looking for a power outlet, there's one on the 2nd floor, near the windows by the elevators, under the table, across from KFC.

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  • Michael, 18 Jul 2012

    Worst carpark ever; tight, confusing, hardly any convenient lifts and stupidly located pay stations

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  • Stuart, 25 Jun 2012

    Don't forget to tag of

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  • Phil, 04 Feb 2012

    Remember to purchase a valid ticket before boarding a train, and remember to take your personal possessions with you when you detrain. City Rail wishes to thank customers for observing the quiet zone.

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  • Nick, 13 Oct 2011

    Kevin Rudd often announces trains here

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  • Dwayne, 12 Sep 2011

    Watch out for homeless people they're everywhere outside the station!

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  • Kirawesome, 29 Aug 2011

    QPCU giving out free bananas outaide the station!

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  • Justin, 10 Jan 2011

    Grab a go card from the station Ticket Booth, great way to get around for repeat traveller, valid on train, bus and ferry. Cheaper than normal tickets too.

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  • Alison, 03 Jan 2011

    Luggage storage lockers are available here. $8 for a day or part of and $1 each time it's unlocked then locked again.

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