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Home to Australia’s only polar bear enclosure, Polar Bear Shores, Sea World offers a range of shows and rides. The interactive marine programme offers visitors a chance to get up close to the park’s popular residents, including going behind the scenes with Sea World’s marine mammal trainers to meet the dolphins and sea lions, snorkelling and swimming with dolphins and, for the more adventurous, diving with sharks.

Our address

Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4210
Bus 704, 705
Telephone (07) 5588 2222
Admission $89.99
Open 10am–5pm daily

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There are 30 comments from Foursquare

  • Hussain, 11 Aug 2022

    Everything is excellent.

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  • Theal, 31 Jan 2022

    Kids still enjoy it, but it’s got pretty tired and needs a refresh

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  • Kenny, 15 Dec 2018

    The Nickelodeon kids area is great for kids aged 5 and below! Lots of rides that they can take and shows to watch.!

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  • Neville, 19 Mar 2018

    Good to go in the odd season. Alas about 3 attractions were closed. Still had fun and got wet 😁

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  • Essa, 29 Jul 2017

    Don't miss any shows during your visit.

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  • Angelo, 14 Oct 2016

    Ok good for families.....

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  • Sangwoo, 27 Sep 2016

    Alike of sanctuery

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  • Tatee, 22 Sep 2016

    There's a prayer room for Muslims near the rest rooms at the first monorail station, across the Nickolodean Store. Very considerate of Sea World management 👍

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  • Shafiq, 04 May 2016

    Jet rescue and Storm coaster are fun

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  • Mike, 22 Apr 2016

    Not the most educational, but still good fun

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  • Kelly, 12 Jan 2016

    Fun filled day. Stay calm during the busy months.

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  • Dominic, 03 Jan 2016

    If you are tired of walking, catch the free monorail, it's the Australia's first & oldest! What to bring? Cash (credit card surcharge), sunscreen, hat, water, food, pass/ticket & camera.

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  • Chin, 29 Dec 2015

    Do bring your own drinks and swimsuit for the best experience.

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  • Sascha, 03 Jul 2015

    Excellent enjoyable family fun

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  • Andrew, 25 Apr 2015

    We all had a wonderful time at the resort. WiFi was great too. Staff fab, Cafe so so.

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  • Damien, 30 Mar 2015

    Get your walking shoes on. Take your own water and food. Get to shows early.

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  • Nags, 03 Mar 2015

    Watch the Dolphins show ! It's amazing :)

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  • Chris, 26 Feb 2015

    10:15 sea lion show 11:15 Affinity dolphin show then hit the rides!

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  • Tohid, 14 Feb 2015

    Nice place for families. Plan ahead for scheduled show times and don't skip the rides specially storm coaster.

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  • Michelle, 08 Jan 2015

    Line for storm coaster is way too long

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  • Lucila, 26 Dec 2014

    There is a place, near a small bridge were Dolphins will interact with you at the end of the day, throwing seaweed so you can throw it back!!

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  • Justin, 19 Nov 2014

    Great for young kids. Ray feeding is great value or just visit and pet them.

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  • Damon, 19 Oct 2014

    Love the shows and polar bears.

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  • Alan, 21 Sep 2014

    despite not being allowed to, make sure you bring your own food and drinks. Prices are exorbitant inside. No one checks bags in entry.

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  • Jing, 17 Sep 2014

    You could make a picture with dolphin at the photo lab (left side of entry). Expensive ($50 for 6 photos), but a good memory. Limit people per day (maybe 20 people)

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  • Ian, 01 Sep 2014

    Buy the three park pass on line. You only need to go to two of them in 12 months and you've more than made your money back.

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  • Jessica, 14 Aug 2014

    Great day out. Make sure you don't miss the dolphin show.

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  • Siti, 18 May 2014

    quite boring for adult. 2 rides under maintenance. sigh~~

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  • Damian, 03 May 2014

    Swimming with the dolphins was amazing.

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  • Carly, 09 Apr 2014

    The Storm roller coaster is the best thing ever! Jet Rescue is terrifying but awesome! Viking ride is a bit too tame though...

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