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The Spirit of Tasmania leaves Station Pier in Port Melbourne every night at 9pm for Devonport, Tasmania. Tram 109 runs between Station Pier and the city centre.

Our address

Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Tram 109 (stop: Beacon Cove)
Telephone (03) 6421 7209

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  • Juliana, 07 Nov 2015

    Navio lindo! Área de fumantes com vistas magníficas, cerveja de preço justo. Tem jogos em máquinas de bingo eletrônico, música ao vivo, lounge. Adorei. Recomendo.

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  • Michelle, 02 Jan 2013

    On the summer day sails the cabins are a bargain and a great escape from the crowds on deck.

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  • Braden, 27 Dec 2012

    Settle your bags securely in your room, grab a feed and head straight for the bar and you'll feel as if its you that's rocking.. Not the boat!

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  • andrew, 13 Apr 2012

    The Leatherwood restaurant is actually pretty good... The only solution for a night sailing.

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  • James, 12 Mar 2012

    Long trip!

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  • Mitch, 05 Feb 2012

    $50 in the "restaurant" and $30 in the cafeteria - get a $2 sausage roll from the bar

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  • Terence, 21 Jan 2012

    Get a Private Cabin like me!

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  • Tom, 05 Jan 2012

    If you're taking your dog with you, the kennels are a good size and they provide water and paper, bring your dog's favourite blanket though.

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  • Mahendra, 29 Dec 2011

    Room no. 8000.. Is right in the front and looking out the city skylines

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  • Scott, 04 Dec 2010

    Can get a little bumpy in the lower cabins. Be cautious and book a higher cabin, especially if you get seasick!

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  • Nigel, 10 Oct 2010

    Food is shite. Get a sandwich at the bar and get very drunk. Seriously this is your only option.

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  • David, 10 Sep 2010

    Friendliest people in Australia

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  • Cornelius, 16 Jul 2010

    You have to try the Tasman steak !

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