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Central Station is Sydney’s hub for train travel with long-distance services departing upstairs (with coaches and trams stopping downstairs on Eddy Avenue). The station has all the facilities that you would expect including bars, shops, fast food outlets and lockers.

NSW TrainLink and CityRail both offer intercity train services although CityRail’s network extends only as far south as Goulburn and Nowra, west to the Blue Mountains and north to Newcastle and Scone. NSW TrainLink goes further afield within New South Wales and also runs a few interstate services (to Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne). The Indian Pacific to Perth (via Broken Hill and Adelaide) is a really long-distance train journey that is run by Great Southern Railway.

Our address

Eddy Avenue (between Chalmers & George Streets), Sydney NSW 2000
Train Central Tram Central Bus 305, 308, 309, 310, 343, 345, 372, 393, 395, M20, M50, X09, X10, 891
Telephone (02) 9281 9366

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  • Elliot, 27 Sep 2015

    Feels like your in an air hanger.

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  • Cinderina, 05 Aug 2015

    On the way back home & get a nap little bit

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  • Jackson, 20 Jan 2015

    Clean and convenient location for transferring and getting around

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  • Jamal, 23 Apr 2014

    من هنا تستطيع الذهاب الى bankstown & lakemba اماكن العرب في سيدني سعر التذكرة ٦،٢

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  • QB, 07 Aug 2013

    People standing in front of the train's doors, people running towards you while you're trying to get out and pigeons ready to shit on your hair.. yep you're in motherfucking Central Station.

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  • Brennan, 08 Apr 2013

    Earphones are recommended to drown out winging old people complaining how dirty trains are. Its Public transport live with it

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  • Jeffrey, 12 Mar 2013

    Be kind to fellow rail travellers, they just want to be treated like you do.

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  • Madz, 03 Mar 2013

    Pretty stinky here - get food from elsewhere too cause its overpriced and limited

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  • giordanodb, 17 Feb 2013

    Don't let people steal your seat on the light rail!!

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  • Patrick, 31 Jan 2013

    This is one of the most unfriendly spot in Sydney. I was assaulted 2.5 years ago, leaving my upper lip broken. Police couldn't do anything about it. My female friend was attacked on the same platform

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  • M, 27 Jan 2013

    Luggage storage for $4.40 per item- next to platform one-cheapest in station

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  • Olivia, 01 Jan 2013

    South Coast passengers - double check the platform you're departing from. P25 is a *long* way away from P4.

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  • Victoria, 11 Dec 2012

    Be careful if you have little ones with you people don't care they just push on in and knock the kids as well!!

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  • Ludmila, 19 Nov 2012

    Monorail, ônibus toda hora e em todo lugar, metrô, trem... todos super eficientes! Tudo o que vc não precisa aqui é de carro ou taxi! Isso é que é civilização!!!

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  • Andrew, 19 Oct 2012

    Love this station!

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  • Mario, 29 Aug 2012

    Please mind your step.

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  • Michael, 27 Mar 2012

    Coffee cart... $5 large... It's a friggen T-cup..

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  • Daniel, 19 Mar 2012

    Please kept left and don't stop at the top of the escalator. Thank you.

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  • , 12 Feb 2012

    Central station was built over a cemetery!

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  • Alotta, 10 Dec 2011

    Previously known as Sydney Terminal.

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  • Bjorn, 29 Nov 2011

    Say hello to your fellow commuter. Be Social. #besocial

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  • Alanna, 11 Nov 2011

    Smells like weed.

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  • 高手놀리밑™, 25 Oct 2011

    Homeless central here at night

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  • Jarrod, 23 Oct 2011

    Make sure to get a Krispy Kreme while you still can.

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  • Christine, 30 Sep 2011

    Omg so many yukky people hang on to your bags

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  • Brenton-Nicholas, 06 Sep 2011

    The music played around the concourse barriers makes you wsnt to jig, be warned

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  • Bjorn, 13 Aug 2011

    Say hi to that beautiful stranger next to you. Be Social.

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  • James, 27 Dec 2010

    Make friends with waiting

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  • Ittidej, 24 Dec 2010

    Make sure that u take a right platform, especially for south coast line on weekend!!

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  • Stanley, 15 Dec 2010

    I saw a lady's head stuck inside the train on platform 25. Becareful watch your step guys!

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