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Taronga Zoo is one of Sydney’s most popular attractions. It is known as the zoo with a view and is one of the world’s more enjoyable zoos, partly because of its lovely harbourside setting. The zoo has the usual collection of animals from around the globe and a couple of good picnic and barbecue areas.

Free entry with the iVenture Sydney card
Free entry to the Taronga Zoo with the iVenture Card Sydney sightseeing pass

Our address

Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW
Bus 238, 247
Telephone (02) 9969 2777
Website www.taronga.org.au
Admission $46, free entry with the Sydney iVenture Card
    OpenJan–Apr 9.30am–5pm daily; May–Aug 9.30am-4.30pm daily; Sep–Dec 9.30am–5pm daily

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  • arapan, 27 Feb 2024

    So cute & nice view 景色も最高ー☀️

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  • kwakseongjin, 20 Jan 2024

    쇼를 보기 위해서는 쇼시작 30분 이전에 도착하여 그늘에 자리를 잡길 권함. 그늘 자리를 얻지 못하면 화상 주의.

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  • Jack, 12 Oct 2022

    Download the phone app, which can pinpoint your location on their park map, which makes navigating this huge and hilly site so much easier.

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  • Can, 24 Sep 2022

    Except for chickens all the animals are motionless and timid:((

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  • kiwigene, 19 Apr 2022

    Animals are cool

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  • Kanji Ishiwara, 27 Jan 2020

    The zoo is ok. The views of CBD and circular quay are better. However, the chicken burrito at the food market is horrible. It’s like chipotle’s ugly cousin with an IQ of 20...inedible congealed mess!

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  • Sandra, 14 Nov 2019

    Loved the Roar and Snore experience!

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  • Ahmed, 15 Aug 2019

    Study the map well, make sure you visit everything. And download the app

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  • Abdullah, 13 Jul 2019

    One of the best zoos I visited in my life.

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  • Michael, 16 Jun 2019

    Excellent enclosures and city harbour views. Animals seem well kept and happy

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  • Alexander, 25 Apr 2019

    The only good things were the amazing harbour and city views and the friendly staff.

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  • Jody, 03 Mar 2019

    One of the best zoos I have been to. Take in the animals and sweeping views. Get there early and sign up for one of their experiences.

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  • Sabrina, 05 Feb 2019

    amazingly planned. good to kill half to a whole day. koala giraffe elephant penguin kangaroo emu etc etc

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  • Ursula, 01 Feb 2019

    Very large zoo with a good range of shows, talks and photo opportunities. Decent food court and plenty of places to stop and rest. Great views of Sydney Harbour too.

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  • Yoonie, 09 Jan 2019

    Waste of money! You have to pay extra to see the koalas! When I visited, some of the enclosures were shut so definitely a waste of money. Wouldn’t recommend.

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  • Hidetaka, 08 Dec 2018

    Animals are lovely and there are lots of shows to entertain you, but the view of Sydney Harbour from here is simply breathtaking!

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  • Ben, 30 Nov 2018

    The free flight bird show is a must-see at the zoo - It happens twice a day. Also has great views back across Sydney Harbour.

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  • Isabela, 24 Nov 2018

    Zoológico muito bem cuidado e com ótimas atrações! Da pra ver os cangurus de tão perto que quase da pra passar a mão! Não se esqueça do wombat! Não Sem contar a maravilhosa vista do opera house!

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  • Hidetaka, 10 Nov 2018

    Animals are lovely and there are lots of shows to entertain you but the view of Sydney Harbour from here is simply breathtaking!

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  • Emilio, 08 Oct 2018

    Nice animals and great views of downtown.

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  • Khai Yi Khor, 26 Sep 2018

    One of the only 2 zoos on earth that breeds Platypus

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  • matsmee, 16 Sep 2018


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  • Bashair, 03 Sep 2018

    The koala 🐨 is the cutest

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  • JP, 29 Jul 2018

    The View is always amazing

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  • Nick, 04 Jul 2018

    We visited when all the animals seemed to be sleeping. Definitely great for kids & families.

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  • Zack, 24 Jun 2018

    Amazing zoo! Must do's: Australian walk about, tiger trek, and the bird show.

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  • Lívia, 07 Jun 2018

    Melhor zoológico do mundo!

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  • George, 01 Jun 2018

    코알라는 티켓을 구입하면 우리 안에 들어가 조금 더 가까이서 사진을 찍을 수 있습니다. 호랑이 네 마리 꼭 보세요.

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  • Natalia, 28 May 2018

    Zoo is pretty good, but the views are spectacular!

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  • Christine, 27 Apr 2018

    If you enter from up top then do a loop of the sky safari before entering the zoo

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