Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG)

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The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) on Dunn Place in central Hobart has exhibits of modern Australian art and artefacts depicting Tasmania’s convict history.

Our address

Dunn Place, Hobart TAS 7000
Telephone (03) 6165 7000
Website www.tmag.tas.gov.au
Admission free
    Open Tue–Sun 10am–4pm

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    There are 14 comments from Foursquare

  • Fred, 20 Apr 2022

    Very enjoyable museum with an eclectic collection focusing on Tasmanian history and environment. Enjoyed the old-fashioned displays of lots of animals/insects in a beautiful heritage building.

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  • Dan, 22 Jun 2021

    The Thylacine exhibit is very sad.

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  • Pru, 18 Nov 2017

    Event coordinator for conference provided responsive, friendly service

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  • Elena, 30 Jul 2017

    Surprisingly amazing for a small city like Hobart! Many art collections and nice scientific exhibitions. Great place to explore Tasmanian history. Check out the basement, too!

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  • Duncan, 18 Jun 2017

    Really nice gallery check out the awesome art of tassie landscapes

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  • Yarn, 19 Oct 2016

    All the exhibits are really great here! It's free for everyone too - just leave a donation or buy something. Great for spending a day learning about tassie culture, Antarctica and art.

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  • Stef, 17 Nov 2015

    The aboriginals and thylacine expositions are nice!

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  • David, 28 Aug 2014

    Use a color reversal smartphone app to see the Easter egg in the Davies painting

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  • Xyala, 27 Apr 2013

    Free and great!

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  • Tomas, 19 Apr 2013

    it's free, and fascinating

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  • Nerijus, 12 Apr 2013

    Sad to see so much death museumed. Unfortunatelly.

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  • Virginia, 14 Jan 2012

    One of the most kid friend galleries - backpack and special activities means kids love it - well done TMAG!

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  • T, 29 Dec 2010

    Fascinating museum. Really like the Antarctic section & learning about the one-time only £1,000 note.

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  • Francesco, 14 Dec 2010

    Don't miss the Antarctic gallery

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