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Wet ‘n’ Wild features loads of water slides and many people find it is the most fun of the theme parks.

Our address

Pacific Motorway, Oxenford QLD 4210
Bus 720, TX1, TX2
Telephone 13 33 86
Website wetnwild.com.au
Admission $59.99
Open 10am–5pm daily

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There are 30 comments from Foursquare

  • Kane, 04 Jan 2024

    Skip the Drinks and Ice Cream lines by heading to the gift shop

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  • Tim, 14 Apr 2022

    Make sure to visit on a weekday outside of school holidays to avoid long queues. The AquaLoop is wild!

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  • Theal, 31 Jan 2022

    Too busy for my liking. An hour for a slide is a punish

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  • T, 29 Aug 2019

    I love it!. Be careful on the high rides the wind can be cold and you're exposed to the elements while waiting. Listen to the ride operators.

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  • Maxim, 17 Mar 2019

    Ничего к сожалению хорошего, работает с 10 до 17. В 14:00 молча закрыли ВСЕ аттракционы на техперерыв, не называя времени открытия. За весь день прокатились на одном аттракционе

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  • peter, 31 Dec 2018

    Don't go there! So many things are bad: far too many people, they charge for everything extra, very few sunshade, waiting for the slides about 50 minutes! Weird smells. We left the park after 1 hour.

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  • peter, 31 Dec 2018

    Why can't I rate it bad here?

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  • Kenny, 15 Dec 2018

    We liked that there’s a wet n wild junior with scaled down rides (including the tube rides) for kids! They would be fine if they’re about 90cm or taller.

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  • Adam, 04 May 2018

    Plan your day. Expect to stay half the day.

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  • Laura, 15 Sep 2016

    Kamikaze slide is sooooo fun

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  • Allison, 05 Apr 2016

    Go in the off season!! No lines

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  • Dominic, 02 Jan 2016

    Being: Sunscreen, water, towel, sunglasses, hat, waterproof phone case, pass/prepaid ticket, cash (they charge extra for credit cards) Don't bring: camera (photos are not allowed).

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  • Damien, 30 Mar 2015

    Try to go on a week day out of school holidays. Know you height and weight before you line up.

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  • Dee, 13 Feb 2015

    Aqua loop, the best ride I ever had and had the most amazing sea waves at the artificial beach there.....

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  • Damon, 19 Oct 2014

    The black hole for some reason gets me every time.

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  • Alan, 21 Sep 2014

    Disappointing. Most of the rides and equipment was closed for maintenance. It would have been nice to know before we pre booked our tickets.

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  • Hussain, 20 Aug 2014

    Sooooo nice

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  • zo, 28 Apr 2014

    Anyone else unlucky enough to get stuck halfway in the AquaLoop?

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  • Luis, 24 Mar 2014

    Good place to enjoy the weekend

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  • Swapneil, 07 Feb 2014

    Good rides. Would recommend for couples and groups only. Hardly any rides for small children or single people. Many have restrictions of minimum 2 people which is annoying for couple with one kid!

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  • Ben, 21 Jan 2014

    Expect queue time to be about an hour during summer holidays.

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  • Matt, 20 Jan 2014

    Watch out! There's a credit card surcharge of up to 3%.

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  • Agnete, 03 Jan 2014

    Only 1 working water tap! Dehydrated people fainting everywhere...

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  • Faruk, 10 Dec 2013

    Get exited only with aqua loop.

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  • RBS, 24 Nov 2013

    Aqualoop is good hide , but skycosters is the best $50 most pay couple

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  • Andy, 24 Aug 2013

    First thing, get a souvenir drink bottle for $12.99 and you get unlimited soft drink refills all day to keep you refreshed. Great value.

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  • Lauren, 07 Aug 2013

    Think about buying the multi pass if you're going to want to go to more than one place :)

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  • Rachel, 03 Aug 2013

    Aqua Loop is scary but fun..just shout out loud..

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  • Ahmed, 05 Jul 2013

    It was great!! We had lots of fun ..

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  • Dimitri, 30 Apr 2013

    This was our favourite of the Gold Coast theme parks. Lots of fun, but the long queues on busy days do become annoying.

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