Whale watching in Warrnambool

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The southern right whale can be seen May–Oct; the best viewing spot is at Logans Beach
where a viewing platform has been constructed.

Our address

Logans Beach, Warrnambool VIC
Website visitwarrnambool.com.au/whale-watching/

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  • Kee, 07 Jul 2021

    Great relaxing place

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  • Kee, 30 Jun 2021

    Big crowd but no sign of the Great Southern Whales

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  • Jonty, 25 Sep 2014

    Check the Logans Beach whale website for sightings before you visit - they mainly seem to appear in the morning!

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  • China Daily USA, 24 Feb 2011

    Logans Beach is a good site to spot Southern Right Whales in winter, when females and their calves stay close to shore, but now they were further to the south.

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