Woolworths supermarket (Cairns)

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Our address

103 Abbott Street, Cairns QLD
Bus C245, C247
Telephone (07) 4019 6356
Website www.woolworths.com.au
Open 8am–9pm daily

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There are 11 comments from Foursquare

  • Sophie, 11 Nov 2017

    Tout ce qu'il faut avec des prix corrects. Pizza à cuire sur place et à l'emporter pour 6$, pas mauvaises.

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  • Dilan, 17 Jul 2017

    If you gonna act like people are stealing, you shouldnt put any bakery there. There's no scan code on them and just because i was looking sloppy they treated me like a thief and took me to cashier.

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  • Masaki, 25 Apr 2017


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  • James, 19 Jul 2015

    Sushi made on the spot and fresh!!!

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  • Natalie, 01 Aug 2014

    There are two entrances and exits. One side will take you to Lake St, the other to Shields St. Very convenient!

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  • Gareth, 30 Nov 2013

    Great place to come if you need groceries

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  • S, 22 Apr 2013

    Yummy sweet potato chips !

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  • Chris, 09 Apr 2013

    The baked goods are tasty and a great bargain, especially if they still have some after like 7pm. Like 2 for 80 cents

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  • Shubham, 12 Dec 2012

    Finding vegetarian eggless cake on short notice is difficult. Although I think you can preorder it.

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  • Kian, 01 Apr 2012

    This cute kangaroo stuff toys are waiting for adoption.

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  • Clem, 20 Aug 2010

    Try the self serve checkouts they are 100% better little time consuming but still a little cool.:)

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