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Travellers preparing their own food can find a Woolworths supermarket in the city centre. This is where most backpackers staying in Northbridge or the city centre buy their groceries.

Our address

166 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000
Bus Blue CAT, Red CAT (stop: Barrack Street/Murray Street)
Telephone (08) 9203 3503
Website www.woolworths.com.au
Open Mon–Fri 8am–9pm, Sat 8am–5pm, Sun 11am–5pm

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  • Lexus, 16 Feb 2016

    I prefer Woolworth's over Coles for customer service. But in my standard shopping at Coles is better. We are all different.

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  • Ulya, 28 Dec 2015

    You get what you need, food etc...

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  • Thariq, 25 Mar 2015

    So so price

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  • Elena, 19 May 2014

    Суши на богато:D

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  • Alexandra, 06 Nov 2013

    Check out their awesome new gourmet sushi bar! Way better than anything else in town!

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  • Chrys, 10 Jun 2013

    Wifi gratuit à l'étage vers le Red Dot :) pratique et plein de commerces . Free wifi in the upstairs next to Red dot

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  • Joel, 13 Oct 2011

    Prices are getting more & more expensive. Try IGA nearby.

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  • Robert, 10 Apr 2011

    Get the hotdog rolls from the bakery just outside. They are 15c cheaper

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