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This important provincial city was a major gold mining centre in the 1850s. The city’s mineral wealth has resulted in excellent Victorian architecture in the city centre along Pall Mall.

Local transport


There is a network of 13 bus routes in the Bendigo area.

A one-way fare costs $2.20–3.80 and an all day ticket is $4.40–7.60. Local buses in Bendigo use the same Myki ticketing system that is used in Melbourne, which means that you can use your Myki ticket here.


Bendigo’s talking trams run from the Central Deborah Goldmine along Pall Mall to the Bendigo Joss House stopping at major attractions along the way. They are known as talking trams because of the commentary explaining Bendigo’s attractions. They operate hourly on weekends and school holidays. At $17.50, the tram is considerably more expensive than Bendigo's local buses and it more of a heritage tourist attraction than a practical form of public transport.

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