Cape Tribulation

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Cape Tribulation is around 30km north of the Daintree River ferry crossing, although the region often referred to as Cape Tribulation (which incorporates nearby localities like Cape Kimberley and Cow Bay) starts just a few kilometres after driving off the ferry.

Cape Trib is a mystifying rainforest hideaway with a spattering of accommodation and places to eat. The winding­ road north is incredibly scenic, with dense rainforest letting out for quick sights of pristine beaches, coastal mangroves and imposing mountains. The area is home to masses of flora and fauna, including cassowaries, estuarine crocodiles and unique bird species. The Kuku Yalangi are the local Aboriginal people who have inhabited the region for thousands of years and know the area as Kulki, but it became known as Cape Tribulation after Captain Cook’s ship ran aground on the offshore reef.

There are several excellent hostels spread far apart from each other. The only place you could really call a village is the area near PK’s hostel, where there is a convenience store, restaurant and an information centre where you can book tours. Mason’s Shop acts as the local information centre, and you should stop here if you are planning a trip in the area.

Coming & going

Coral Reef Coaches operate buses from Cairns and Port Douglas which stop at all the hostels, except Koala, and continue north to Cooktown.

If you are driving you will need to take the car ferry across the Daintree River, which operates from 6am to midnight and costs $13 one way ($23 return).

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