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Devonport will be your first taste of Tasmania if you’re arriving from Melbourne on the Spirit of Tasmania.

This industrial city doesn’t really have a lot to offer and isn’t typical of the rest of the state but it has a developed infrastructure and it’s a good place to organise the rest of your trip. Its close proximity to Cradle Mountain and the Overland Track also means that you get plenty of handy tips from people who have just done the trek.

Local transport

Merseylink operates a local bus service with six routes running Mon–Sat. Many backpackers find they need to use the bus, especially if they’re staying at the Tasman House or MacWright House YHA hostels, which are a long way from the town centre.

The most useful bus service is route 40, which runs between Latrobe and the city centre via Formby Road and Tasman House hostel. Buses 20 and 25 also go to the Tasman House hostel.

Fares are $3–4.20 ($2.40–3.36 if you pay with a SmartCard) for a single journey or $5.30 for a Daytripper ticket.

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