Kalbarri & Kalbarri National Park

Two Dutch sailors involved in the Batavia mutiny on the nearby Houtman Abrolhos Islands were marooned near Kalbarri, making them Australia’s earliest European residents. Kalbarri doesn’t make a big deal of its history and instead is just a pleasant beach town that is a handy base for exploring nearby Kalbarri National Park.

The national park features impressive gorges and some good hiking trails.

The Rainbow Jungle is another destination that attracts a lot of travellers, and a walk through this parrot breeding centre (just a few kilometres outside the town) can be a lot of fun. Hundreds of animated birds fly around, busy with their daily habits as they sing songs and show off their colours.

During spring, Kalbarri is a popular spot for whale watching and dolphin spotting, and there are also good possibilities for recreational fishing from the beaches at Wittecara Creek and Blue Holes.

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