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The gold mining town of Kalgoorlie once drew fortune seekers from around the globe to the Golden Mile, the world’s richest square mile of gold-bearing earth. Kalgoorlie-Boulder is still a thriving mining town and the first sizable town you come to if you’re driving across the Nullarbor Plain.

Kal is an interesting place if you haven’t been to an outback mining town before and there are a few grand old buildings along Hannan Street. There are also some good pubs, although there are also some that are worth avoiding.

Despite the rough and ready image there is plenty to see in Kalgoorlie and it is well worth stopping here, particularly if you’re just spent the last few days driving from Adelaide. The city’s attractions are mostly related to the mining industry and include Hannans North Historic Mining Reserve and the impressive super pit, but Kalgoorlie doesn’t have as much to offer as some other outback mining towns such as Broken Hill.

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