Tully is a modest little town 24km south of Mission Beach that does not have much to entice the casual traveller. It is claimed to be the wettest spot in Australia, with an average of four metres of annual rainfall. An old – and still thriving – sugar mill town, it is surrounded by cane fields and you can take tours of the sugar mill in crushing season (Jun–Nov).

There is a good view of the town and surrounding region including offshore islands from the summit of Mount Tyson or Mount Mackay, both of which have challenging hiking trails. The Misty Mountain Trails is a network of hiking trails that has longer hiking expeditions into the rainforest. White water rafting is the most popular of the area’s activities and many travellers come to Tully for the day to go rafting, then go back to Mission Beach to sleep. The only backpackers who stay in Tully are working on the banana farms and hostels here are geared toward travellers on a working holiday.

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