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This modern town between Port Augusta and Coober Pedy is an interesting place with an intriging history. The location of Woomera was top secret for many years and visiting the town was prohibited until 1982.

Woomera was established in 1947 as missile testing site for the British government and over 4,000 missiles were launched from the expansive Woomera Prohibited Area over the following 30 years. Some of the rockets and missiles tested here are on display at the Woomera Missile Park in the town centre.

Although originally a British base, Woomera has played host to a number of military and aerospace organisations including ELDO (European Launcher Development Organisation), NASA and the United States Air Force.

In its heyday Woomera had a population of 6,800 but this has dropped to the 600 that live here today. The town’s former importance means it has an excellent infrastructure that is the envy of other towns of a similar size.

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