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Ballarat has good transport connections. V/line have trains to Ararat and Melbourne and V/line coaches to other destinations including Bendigo and Geelong. Both trains and coaches depart from the train station on Lydiard Street North.

Our address

Lydiard Street North, Ballarat VIC 3350
Telephone (03) 5337 8609
Open Mon–Fri 4am–11.59pm, Sat 4am–10.30pm, Sun 6am–11.59am

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There are 14 comments from Foursquare

  • Bibie, 02 Dec 2014

    Go to Sovereign Hill?Bus no 8 or 9.

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  • Phillip, 02 Sep 2014

    Friendly staff, punctual trains, V/Line runs a railway service like a railway service should be run.

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  • Rozzy, 09 Jun 2013

    Hot chocolates are yummy on a cold winters day

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  • Tessa, 04 Apr 2013

    At the cafe, if you ask nicely they will toast one of the fresh sandwiches for you. That way you're not stuck with the one sitting in the bain-marie the last few hours.

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  • Cris, 03 Apr 2013

    Such a cute 'refreshment room', complete with bar.

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  • Expo, 06 Nov 2012

    Lockers are $3, located near ticket office. Handy.

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  • Kevin, 30 Jul 2012

    Have a glAss or red instead. Airline domestic or plastic which is to be avoided.

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  • Dan, 19 Jul 2012

    Ok so the coffee has improved... Either that or I've just got used to it ;)

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  • Stephen, 14 Apr 2012

    Go to the refresh on the platform ... Chips and gravy the best ever

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  • Dan, 02 Apr 2012

    Avoid the cafe coffee at all costs..

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  • Renee, 27 Dec 2011

    Cafe have great coffee and hash browns ;-)

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  • Bill, 28 Oct 2011

    Avoid the coffee at the cafeteria - awful last time I had some!

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  • Marion, 19 Feb 2011

    great train ballarat to melbourne love the station

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  • Dylan, 10 Jan 2011

    I practically live here..

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